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After Marvel's resignation, Warner and DC aim to hire James Gunn, says website


The director James Gunn should return to his working duties sooner than we imagine, and it will not be for Marvel Studios. The filmmaker was summarily fired after old tweets surfaced, where Gunn he apologized for rape and pedophilia and made fun of people with HIV.

Even though he was portrayed by what happened, the dismissal was inevitable. In an open petition with posting on social networks, the actor Chris Pratt, the interpreter of Peter Quill, served as spokesperson for the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy and in the post, they asked for the rehiring of Gunn.

"Although I do not support the inappropriate jokes of James Gunn from years ago, he is a good man. I personally would love to see you reinstated as director of Volume 3 (…)“, says the caption. No effect. both the Marvel as for Disney, remain reluctant about the current situation of the director. Since then, other actors and actresses in the cast and also professionals in the cinematographic field, have shown support for Gunn with criticisms, opinions and even, threat of abandonment of the cast.

And not only actors, it seems, large studios are already eyeing the filmmaker. According to the portal Hollywood Reporter, great entertainment executives would be interested in hiring Gunn, among them, the main one would be the Warner Bros. Looking to A.D. Still according to the publication, none of the interested parties made an offer, as they await contractual procedures with the Disney completed. Sources say the director will receive $ 7-10 million for breach of contract.

Other entertainment names have already left the Marvel and went directly to A.D. It is the case of Joss Whedom, who exchanged one seal for another, shortly after his contract expired. In a note, the Disney guaranteed that it does not intend to recover the hiring of Gunn and that he doesn't care about the cast leaving the franchise. In case of Pratt and Zoe Saldaña, protagonists of the plot, the company guarantees that both will return for the third film without major problems. Neither executives at Warner and A.D and neither does he James Gunn, commented on the hiring / moving of the filmmaker to a new studio.



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