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Totally free ITALY. Land of Wonders comes to cell phones

The first game created by Italy's Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the country's culture to the rest of the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy (MFA) announced today (21) the release of ITALY. Land of Wonders, a mobile game that seeks to bring Italy's cultural heritage and wonders to the rest of the world. Graphically attractive and aimed at audiences of all ages, ITALY. Land of Wonders portrays the beauty and tradition of the country through an interactive and fun experience.

Available for free in 11 languages, including Portuguese, the game is released worldwide for iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded through the new MFA portal,, dedicated to Italian culture in the world.


Elio is the old lighthouse keeper who, every morning, lights up the sun that will shine on the country with the help of the 20 sparks he recovered the night before in the 20 regions of Italy. The game starts at sunset, Elio – a reference to Helios, the sun god of ancient Greek mythology – looks for an assistant who can help him complete his arduous task.

He summons a mysterious character from outside the lighthouse: the player, who is lured on a nightly adventure through Italy to retrieve the 20 sparks, light the lighthouse and make sure the sun shines again.

Totalmente gratuito ITALY. Land of Wonders chega aos celulares 1
The five Guardians, representing Nature, Gastronomy, Art, Performance and Design.

During the trip, players meet five Guardians, who will guide them in discovering the five main sectors of Italian cultural heritage: Nature, Gastronomy, Art, Performance and Design. At the end of the journey, a big surprise awaits them: players will take over from Elio, symbolically becoming the new Lighthousekeepers, with the mission to protect the country's treasures.

Before that, however, you need to advance at least 100 puzzle levels, each featuring a 3D reconstruction of an iconic Italian landmark, on an immersive journey to discover, step-by-step, the coast and mountains, towns and castles. , traditions and myths of the country.

In addition to Italian architecture and culture, music also plays an important role in the game. Original scores inspired by the great Italian classics, from opera to baroque, and even famous movie soundtracks, set the tone for a game that is also an engaging and informative learning tool for schools that teach Italian as a foreign language.

Created for both those who already know Italy and those who don't and want to learn more, ITALY. Land of Wonders it can serve as a travel guide while improving your command of the language, thanks to a collection of 600 articles filled with stories, news and trivia.

“Today, the mobile games market is one of the main channels for disseminating all types of content, including cultural and informational themes. It is our duty to seize any opportunity to spread our country and its culture to the world. That's why we embrace the mobile platform and we are communicating in an innovative way not only to our Ministry, but also to the Italian public administration in general. We're engaging a younger audience with 'ITALY. Land of Wonders' and our goal is to involve people from all over the world and make them interested in our country and its beauties, creating a feeling of familiarity that, one day, can guide them to the real discovery of our territories and our products. 'ITALY. Land of Wonders' it's not just a fun mobile game – it's a real product Made in Italy, which skillfully combines culture and technology. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our country: it is an adventure accessible to everyone to help discover the beauty, creativity and flavor of Italy”, says Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General of Culture, Innovation and Economic Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Italy.

As with all cultural initiatives of italian.esteri.itITALY. Land of Wonders it is part of the overall post-Covid programming strategy of the Italian MFA, which aims to support the Italian cultural and creative sectors.

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