Is Aquaman worth it? Check out the review


a new movie from Warner/DC comes to cinemas. IT IS Aquaman, with Jason Momoa in the lead role.

And what can fans expect?

With so many ups and so many more downs coming from the franchise, Aquaman arrives full of doubts, especially with the departure of Henry Cavill of the role of Superman.

And with others bordering on Batman, the Joker movie that is not part of the chronology and so on. DC in theaters is a real mess and no identity.

But that seems to change when talking about other characters like Wonder Woman and now with Aquaman.

This film is visually an explosion of senses. Atlantis is beautiful, the sea shows all its power and life through the direction of James Wan.

The same goes for the battle scenes and fights. Very well choreographed, in a mixture of Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Momoa's battle cry is practically Hawaiian.

The cultures of the people who live off the sea are placed there in a simple and objective way.

The characters are good, but they stop there.

If the story is good, with a consistent script, what it should convey, it should.

Aquaman like so many other movies, be they heroes or not, it still fails to deliver a villain to match. We hardly believe that the hero will fail in any fight. And even if he gets hurt or loses a battle, we know he will prevail.

It's the obvious misrepresented. The villain is expected to not only scare us, but also bring a certain dose of doubt into what he's doing. It was supposed to be that way with Black Manta. He has a reason to be the villain, but he's been so pushed into the background that at certain points in the movie we don't even remember his existence. And the scenes in which he appears do nothing to elevate the drama of the adventure, except for the action scenes.

Actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who plays Black Manta, is great, unfortunately wasted on the film.

A good example of villains are two of the competitor, Magneto and Erik Kilmonger. Two "Eriks!", maybe that's the secret of Marvel, instead of being "Martas".

King Orm was also supposed to be a classic villain, but he's torn between being a megalomaniac or just being the guy who hates and envy his big brother. And all pointless.

Patrick Wilson is one of the best actors, here too wasted with King Orm

The story even gives the reasons for the Atlanteans to be furious with the inhabitants of the surface, but hardly anyone will be moved. The film does not “dive” any bit into this discussion. It's shallow to dry.

Dolph Lundgren, as King Nereus. Another character with little more forceful participation in the plot, limiting himself to being just an advisor to Orm.

Fortunately, Aquaman it's still a fun movie, with a fantastic portrayal of Momoa. Even more so for a character that is a joke even among fans and has a counterpart in Sponge Bob.

Arthur in the comics has good stories, but none really memorable. His personality and realm are not as explored as that of Bruce WayneClark Kent or Barry Allen.

What we have is always a hero of the depths fighting the evils of the beings of the surface and for being half-breed.

At least in that, the Aquaman of the movie is better. He is more believable.

The film has an extra scene during the credits, which raises hopes of a better villain for its sequel.

And pay close attention to the scenes, because Aquaman brings several easter eggs, like a certain doll Annabelle, who is a character of his own Jason Wan, among many others.

Certainly, Aquaman it is a film, even with negative points in its approach, that is worth being seen at least twice in theaters.

And let the curtains go up! To the next!



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