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Arlindo came to show that we are not alone


Webcomics they are comics made available digitally, either on specific platforms or on social networks. The number of titles available has grown over the years as has its audience and, while it has become easier not to depend on a publisher, visibility is still a major problem that many authors face.

In 2019 the illustrator Luiza Souza (@ilustralu) started publishing its webcomic on its Twitter and Instagram pages, Arlindo, with new pages on Tuesdays (and Thursdays!). Gradually more and more people came together to read the teenager's story, thus creating a united community that grew even more with the measures against COVID-19 and that found in the weekly updates a reason to smile, cry and look forward to the next update.

Luiza de Souza | @ilustralu

Arlindo is the name of the main character of this webcomic that takes place in the city of Currais Novos, the same hometown of Luiza, and who like many other teenagers who lived in the 2000s loves Sandy & Junior and knows all the steps of the hit Ragatanga. Being a teenager is already difficult and it can be even worse when looking for acceptance, to have the right to love whoever you want and is enduring the bullying, to be called "viadinho", in addition to the father's own reprimands at home that Arlindo live that period. Like a time machine, many readers were transported back to their own teenage years, from nights renting VHS to watch with friends, the songs that were successful on the radio and the dilemmas they faced, happiness and tears.

It is not just the feeling of nostalgia that attracts readers to Arlindo, but the direct way in which Luiza tells this story that was the reality of many teenagers and is still that of so many others. It is very easy to recognize yourself on the pages of Arlindo if you are part of the LGBTQIA + population. The welcome that so many found in this story and in their community is what helped the webcomic to become a great success. It showed that “não estamos errados em existir”, embracing virtually thousands of people, bringing warmth to so many who do not feel accepted, who believe that there is something wrong, Arlindo shows that we are not alone.

Crowdfunding for the physical book was launched through Catarse in partnership with Next Publisher on December 15, 2020, reaching the goal in less than 24 hours after launch. The project found supporters in all states of Brazil, showing that just like the author said in its history “a gente não está só”. The funding continues until February 17, 2021 and if it reaches 350% of the target, the publisher will donate 350 copies to institutions that host LGBTQIA + people and libraries throughout Brazil, it is also possible to donate more copies through an option from Catharsis.

Luiza de Souza | @ilustralu

The forecast for sending to supporters is in April of this year, the book will also be available in physical stores from the second half of this year.


  1. Arlindo is a beautiful work, full of emotion and love, the story embraces conflicts so real and involving that it is difficult not to feel represented by any point whatsoever.
    Beautiful material, the heart is warm to read ❤️


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