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The Girls of Corona Del Mar - Rufi Thorpe



Mia and Lorrie Ann they live in a small town in California called Corona Del Mar. It is in this city where after a while everything that was rich gradually ended, and everything that the two friends saw as great was proliferating and decreasing more and more, including their friendship. The experience of living in that place with two families who were also being destroyed by losses was getting more and more painful every day, and the endless situation of bad times seemed to be endless.

That's what Mia always thought. She always believed that there was something wrong or evil around Lorrie Ann since even though she looked angelic, bad things happened to her. It seems that evil was chasing her in some strange and disturbing way.

Everything was changing very quickly. And Terry's death was just the first thing, the first knock of those bad luck vultures at Lorrie Ann's window. In the years that followed, more and more of them would come, shaking their blond heads, making the skin on their faces red, raw and peeled. Page 25

Rufi Thone describes in The Girls of Corona Del Mar a friendship over the years, with a brief description of when they were children and the generation of big problems at the beginning of high school. It is from there that the author begins to ask the most difficult questions that will gradually shape the friendship between Lorrie Ann and Mia.

Anyone who is a little used to Young adult books will not find anything too much in reading, not least because it is more at the age of seventeen, where certain subjects begin to develop. What impressed me the most is that the author raised some controversial issues that provide a basis for much discussion about prejudices, opinions for or against and everything else. Abortion is one of the themes that are used during much of the work. Whoever has a more closed view on the subject will feel a certain cruelty on the part of this topic.

I am being unfair in presenting him in this way, presenting only the worst side of him so coldly. Because Lorrie Ann fell in love with him, and she had her reasons, but I suspect that much of her love was actually a feather disguised as love. Page 115

Motherhood itself is something discussed in the book. On the one hand, we have Mia, a woman who decided not to have children and go to the world in search of professional success. On the other hand, we have Lorrie Ann, who left her dreams and accepted motherhood early, even with the difficulty of raising a child with a disability. I confess that I was shocked by some moments, since I had a vision now focused on what Mia thought and now focused on what Lorrie Ann thought.

She nodded quickly, as if she knew exactly what I was talking about and I suddenly found that I was howling like a mortally wounded animal, and Lorrie Ann's arms were around me, and I was sixteen again, and she was mine friend. Page 237

Gradually the reader discovers everything that the decisions of each friend resulted and how the friendship was distancing. You can also notice that even though the book is younger, the author uses many bad words and this can impact the reading of those who are not very used to reading this. At the most I believe that it is a work to think about the real reason to keep something for life and that there is no reason to question the actions taken by other people, since each life has its pains and needs. I was wishing for something different in the end, but after I analyzed it more I realized that there was no way there could be a different result, much less a result that would fit into something that would form a happy ending. At least in the eyes of those who expect a cliché. After all, life is never a cliché. Good!



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