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The best video poker strategy tips

Find out which are the best tips within the most used strategies in video poker to improve your results.

Contrary to what many players think, video poker can be a source of entertainment and profit as much as its original game, poker. This digital version has some different features from the original game that make the player experience different, which can be a pleasant challenge for the player who will have to acquire new skills.

With the growth of online casino platforms, many versions and types of this popular digital game have been offered, including free video poker. With so many options, it didn't take long for professional players to develop strategies to improve their results in video poker and improve them, even to the point of being disseminated in the discussion forums.

Many beginning players see these strategies and try to apply them in their game plan, but end up having worse results than they had before applying the pro player's strategy. So that this doesn't happen to you, let's see in this article the best video poker strategies and what tips to apply them.

Best video poker strategies and tips to apply them correctly

What the vast majority of professional gamblers who have chosen video poker as one of the casino games in their catalog know that most do not, is that there are some basic strategies that are more important than fancy strategies that promise quick and even unbelievable results. .

Let's see below what these strategies are and what tips to apply them correctly.

Look at the prize table

The player can choose different aspects of the game to guide them through each round, but none of them compare to the paytable. Through this table that is presented in all types of video poker, the player can define what his next steps will be, after all this is a game that presents an infinity of possibilities in each round.

By observing, at each round, what are the values of the prize, the player will have an idea of what he can win in that round and define what he will do next, define a more aggressive or defensive strategy depending on the value presented.

Bet on the best prize

This strategy, even though it seems obvious to many players, is still omitted by most when choosing the prize pool in the video poker round. It is very important that the player is aware that, when choosing smaller prizes, this will not influence his chances of winning, but the amount he will win at the end of each round of the game.

Therefore, it is of great importance that the player commits himself and always chooses the highest prize in each round, so his success will be better rewarded, often when choosing the best prize the player is better rewarded for the game if he wins.

High RTP

Another useful strategy that helps a lot in a medium and long term strategy is to always choose video poker games that offer higher RTP's. RTP's are the acronym for Return to Player Rate. This means that the higher the RTP, the more chances to recoup their investment the player will have each round.

These games present a greater risk to players, but they can reward those who are calculating and consistent players in the game, with a medium and long term strategy, the player can have positive results without major problems and adopt this strategy whenever he can.

According to various reports from professional players, the video poker games with the highest RTP rates are the games of Play N' Go.


Video poker can become the main and most profitable online casino game for the player who understands how it works and applies the strategies correctly. All the tips that we have given in this article can be applied right now, so don't waste time, learn and apply as soon as possible to improve your results, good game.

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