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The Truths | New movie with Lázaro Ramos and Bianca Bin gets trailer


The Truths, directed by José Eduardo Belmonte and starring Lazarus Ramos and Bianca Bin, gets its official trailer. Watch in the video above.

The film premiered at the 45th São Paulo International Film Festival, screened at the festival at MASP's Vai Livre. The feature hits theaters on June 30 with distribution from Gullane.  

The Truths marks the return of Lázaro Ramos as an actor to cinemas and to his homeland after Oh Father, Oh. The story is told from three different versions of the suspects in a murder. In each case, a new accused. The crime is against Valmir (Zé Carlos Machado), candidate for mayor of the city. It is up to the police officer Josué (Lázaro Ramos) to investigate who is telling the truth.   

The roster is also made up of Dr. Moraes, Thomás Aquino and Edvana Carvalho. with script by Pedro FurtadoThe Truths is a production by Gullane, in co-production with Globo Filmes and Canal Brasil. 


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