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Harassment and abuse | "Unfortunately, there is the feminist movement"


The media has frequently reported abuse reports directed at individuals and cultures across the company, placing victims and aggressors face to face with a cultural and social problem. In addition to holding the aggressor responsible, companies and companies, as well as any other expectation of society, cannot remain exempt from its responsibility. However, many sweep the dirt under the carpet, cleaning the house publicly – like Ubisoft , which is now facing a lawsuit for allegedly growing abusive and intimidating behavior across the company of 18,000 people.

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Streaming platform said it is investigating complaints. One of the main defendants posted a video apologizing for behavior: 'I'm not a victim'.

Hotel employee arrested for rape of guest in Rio de Janeiro

– Is there internet at the sink? – asks a competitor.

– Unfortunately, there is the feminist movement says Robinho

Many women have revealed stories of abuse involving gamers, influencers, entrepreneurs and other personalities in the gaming and electronic sports industry. The movement is inspired by “Me too”, which shook Hollywood in 2017. Portion of The allegations involve well-known names from the Twitch streaming platform, which gathers broadcasts from gamers and eSports competitions. The service issued a statement on the matter on Sunday (21) and said it was investigating the charges. “We take allegations of assault and sexual harassment seriously. We are analyzing the cases related to streamers affiliated with Twitch and we will work with law enforcement when necessary ”, states the text.

Not only that, but many companies like the one mentioned above, Ubisoft, which has been accused of despising female protagonists in several video games. assassins Creed, as Origins and Odyssey, to put more emphasis on male characters due to a perception that games would not sell without strong male protagonism or that female characters require “a lot of extra production”. In addition to having a toxic workspace.

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This problem will not be resolved overnight, but there are viable ways that industry, as well as society, can take as mentioned by Bolt Burdon Kemp, a specialist in abuse, Siobhán Crawford. According to the article A lawyer's perspective on the industry's abuse problem, the lawyer reports that many times there is no knowledge of a structure that allows harassment within companies and it is necessary to have structure and start to be aware that it is not a “joke”. Abuse is serious and must be fought.

“The gaming industry and the companies within it say, 'Yes, let's change, yes, let's do something about it.' But they don't come and do the work. They just stand up for what they think people want to hear and let things go. "

She also points out that she has worked on several abuse cases, including against institutions such as the Catholic Church and has realized that systemic abuse remains out of control within such institutions. Crawford was impressed by the "ingrained misogyny" of gaming culture and, by extension, the industry, saying it needs a top-down approach to tackle it effectively.

Also according to the lawyer, reasons such as favoritism, potential loss of institutional knowledge and fear of damaging the company's reputation with a public scandal, among them, make companies decide not to act correctly. And failing to act or position yourself in accordance with what is expected, is to be negligent and irresponsible. Another mistake is to think that the workspace is “family”. It is stated by the lawyer that this family relationship at work is non-existent.

However, how can we resolve this issue if we are constantly faced with attitudes that should cease to exist?

This type of sexist treatment is not exclusive only by companies, but it is also of the players, because they consume games that “indirectly” print on their characters, the macho culture that generates impact on the relationships between players, one of them is violence verbal. And the hole in this problem? It is further down… According to the PhD in Communication, specialist in Consumer Practices and professor at IBMR, Beatriz Beraldo, the macho culture is not exclusively male. The macho culture is perpetuated and disseminated by men, however, it also contaminates society as a whole, that is, it is difficult for a woman or a man to be immune to this behavior. Still according to Beatriz Beraldo, audiovisual productions have been rethought and introducing women as protagonists, undoing the stereotype of a fragile girl, helpless maiden or even a ladder for male characters. But even so, there is much to progress.

Santos loses sponsor after hiring Robinho

That was the headline that ran the largest information portals in the world. It's because? Because both in eSports and in physical skills, the harasser has a face, name, address and many people at his side. The Santos football club suffered the first casualty after the signing of striker Robinho, 36, convicted of rape in Italy. Orthopride, an orthodontic company, has broken an advertising contract with the Baixada Santista club, which it has sponsored since 2018. In addition to this company, seven others took a stand against hiring the player.

In an exclusive interview with UOL, in which he spoke for about 40 minutes, the player Robinho, sentenced to 9 years in prison by the Italian Justice for sexual violence, stated that “unfortunately, there is the feminist movement”. The attacker also reaffirmed that he is innocent, and that he did nothing with the woman without her consent. This was the first interview Robinho gave about his sentencing sentence.

In general, cases like this one from the company Ubisoft or the controversy involving the hiring of the player Robinho warn us about how we need to have a more inclusive culture and that machismo, sexism, in addition to other problematic attitudes cannot be issues naturalized by companies and the society. It is not enough to have female representatives, we need people and companies that think about their social responsibilities towards citizens so that this type of attitude is no longer perpetuated. It is not enough to remove the “buddy” or “disconnect” from the company executive. Perhaps most important in this discussion, however, is that companies hold themselves accountable; for the abuse that is perpetuated throughout the industry, for the ruined careers, for all the pain and trauma. We need to rethink our attitudes in all areas of our lives, whether in virtual, on the field or at home.



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