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Kings of Pain | Experts face poisonous creatures and set up pain ranking in new series

With the aim of developing a scientific ranking with all pain indices and, thus, helping to prevent deaths from animal attacks, experts Adam Thorn and Rob “Caveman” Alleva travel the planet to be bitten and stung by the most poisonous and deadly creatures. Kings of Pain (Kings of Pain), the new History, accompanies the pair in this peculiar and dangerous mission.

The pain caused by animal bites has been classified, since 1984, on a scale of 1 to 4, created by the entomologist Dr. Justin Schmidt. Now, Adam and Rob will take this ranking further: the idea is to continue this work and expand its scope. To this end, the pair will add poisonous bites and more venomous creatures, to create an accurate and scientifically rigorous classification with 30 new categories, such as intensity, duration and damage.

Throughout the episodes, they will face all kinds of dangerous animals, from wicked insects to a reticulated python. And they will feel pain, a lot of pain - but it will pass, but the feat will remain in history (and science).

In the debut episode, Nightmare in a box, Adam and Rob go to the Bolivian jungle, where they chase the mythical warrior wasps and the bird-eating Giant Tarantula. One causes a medical emergency, while the other produces a frightening sting, which leaves Adam's arm partially paralyzed.


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