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The Attack on Titan invasion in Free Fire has begun


The Garena announced that the crossover event between Free Fire and Attack on Titan is now available. The global collaboration brings players together to fight for humanity's survival as Attack on Titan's content - including the anime's man-eating humanoid giants - begins its invasion of the Free Fire universe.

From yesterday (11) until April, players and fans of the anime will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive Attack on Titan content, including new weapon skins and costumes, event reskins, as well as a special new game mode.

Battle in the style of the Attack on Titan trademark

Players will have the opportunity to battle in Attack on Titan's trademark style with items inspired by the series, including the iconic Survey Corps uniform - the hope of humanity. The suits will have the Wing of Freedom division's insignia proudly displayed on the jackets and will be available in both men's and women's variants.

Players will also have the chance to fight in the guise of fearsome Titans, with access to Armored and Attack Titan costumes, two of the most well-known Titans in the series.

A new set of weapon skins will also be in play. No one will want to miss the Attack on Titan skins for the P90 and M1014 weapons, which are sure to scare even the bravest of hearts with their terrifying designs.

Get a deep immersion with new features and game mode

Players will be deeply immersed in the event through a host of in-game features and easter eggs. This will include reskins of the most popular Free Fire elements such as air launch boxes and planes.

A special new game mode based on the Attack on Titan event will also be available in Free Fire to mark the event's big moment on March 27th. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Free Fire can be downloaded from App Store and Google PlayStore.



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