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Review | marighella

O filme Marighella é um retrato de uma época escancarado à outra que periga repeti-la.

Review | private desert

Deserto Particular is a film that escapes from several commonplaces, provocative and contemporary, but uses several classic aspects in the construction of its plot and setting.

Review | Dune

Duna has already gained other adaptations, which ended up being criticized. Will this finally do justice to Frank Herbert's work?

Games to face the crisis

The creative economy and gamification in poor communities around the world have created opportunities to include people in games and on networks, such as the Games for Change Latin America project

From K-pop to drama: how Korean culture conquered Brazil

Brazil: the #1 fan of Doramas in the Americas.

Thunder FIC'S | Learn about Ananse's narrative

Learn about Ananse's narrative and see an example of the technique used in practice

The power of “Touch”: How Do Touchscreen Screens Work?

Do you know how touch screens work? Access and discover the differences between resistive and capacitive screens. Come to know more about it!

Reading is always good - Difference between Manga, Manhwas and Manhuas

Querideeess !! As usual for your "indescribably clueless and aspiring writer" of yours, this first paragraph is for some explanations and daydreams of ...

Meet the new Batman movie: Dying is Easy

Meet one of the best Bat Man fan films.

Criticism | Double Change

If you had been arrested for something you believed was right and when you left, you saw that the same crime is still happening in the city, ...

Review | My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has a simpler story than the previous ones, but even so, it manages to be superior to the last feature.

Review | Sex Education Season 2

It took longer to arrive. Netflix's second season of Sex Education, after a long absence, managed to come back more lively and mature in...

Joker | Leader in Oscar nominations brings several psychological questions

The film is a great psychological analysis.

Batman: Prince Charming of Darkness

Batman, created in 1939 by Bob Kane, is turning 80 this year 2019. And Bat Man fans know the difficulties ...

Review | Mad Games Tycoon

MAD Games Tycoon arrived on the Nintendo Switch after making a relative success on the PC.


Science. This term (originating from the Latin scientia = knowledge; from the verb scire = knowing) seems to have different meanings, due to the different purposes for which it is used. Lots of...

Dr. Sleep - Energetic vampires and ghosts from the past

In times when Stephen King's books are getting reboots in the cinema, director Mike Flanagan takes on the task of adapting Dr. Sleep, ...

LA League CS: GO finals took place this weekend. See how it went.

This weekend, the CSGO LA League ended and the competition final was between Pain Gaming and Detona Gaming.

Criticism | Gemini Project

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is the best professional assassin in the world, with a higher success rate than anyone else, but when...

Review | Killer Predators

When Florida is the victim of a huge hurricane, the tsunamis drive all the inhabitants to evacuate the place. Still, young Haley...

Review | The Boy Who Made Laugh

One of the most relevant comedians in Germany, Hans-Peter Kerkeling has established himself in the artistic world as well as an actor, presenter and screenwriter. What many of your...

Criticism | Ad Astra: Towards the Stars

In the not too distant future, Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the edge of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a ...

Criticism | Intimate Forum

Inspired by real events, 'Foro Íntimo' navigates the turbulent waters that hide the bleak situation of the Judiciary in Brazil. The film follows 24 hours...

Review | Nighthawk

In the near future, Bacurau, a village in the hinterland of Pernambuco, mysteriously disappears from the map. When a series of unexplained murders starts to happen, the...

Criticism | To share

Nowadays it is important to be more and more careful with the way we use technology, how often do we not hear stories of people who had some private content released without consent? Share, the new feature produced by HBO, explores this situation.

Review | Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

The franchise that started in 2001 with the story of a police officer investigating criminals among illegal racing drivers, gets its first spin off, quite different from the idea of the first feature in the series.

Review | divine love

Joana (Dira Paes) works as a notary's clerk and, deeply religious and devoted to the idea of marital fidelity and "until the...

Criticism | International MIB

And MIB is back! And does he live up to the entire franchise? Yes and no at the same time as we are used to it...

Criticism | X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The last film in the Mutants franchise, by Fox comes to an end. He arrives late and with many doubts, especially because of the last movie with the character...

Criticism | Tolkien: Much more than Lord of the Rings

By Allan Marante Produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures and directed by Dome Karukoski, a director with an almost European film résumé, Tolkien has like...

The CW announces new productions for programming

Among the new additions of the station, are confirmed the series Batwoman, Katy Keene and Nancy Drew

Summary Star Wars Celebration 2019

Missed the Star Wars Celebration? Check the summary of the 05 days of the event !!!

Review | Legs to the Air 3

"From Legs to Air 3" already says the one that came in the first scene. Under the touch of the digital alarm clock in a room...

Review | Coisa Mais Linda - 1st season

Series portrays what it is like to be a woman in the late 1950s in a macho and patriarchal society and highlights the importance of the feminist struggle for gender equality.

Itinerant Video Game Museum arrives at Shopping ABC

Shopping ABC is the stage for video games. From the 16th to the 31st of March, the Shopping will have the Museum...

Come Nindies Showcase

Are you a fan of Indies games? Get ready as new Indies games will be announced for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has announced a new...

Curiosity | Is Miles Morales a canon at UCM?

Check out what we know so far about Miles Morales.

STAR WARS LEGENDS: A Beginners Guide to the Expanded Star Wars Universe

Check out the Star Wars Legends timeline.

Endgame Countdown: Marvel Phase 01

Are you looking forward to Avengers: Endgame? To refresh the memory of all of you and prepare you for this epic film, we have prepared a recap of everything that ...

Foldable cell phones - What are the advantages?

Mobile technology has already given us devices that record voices, videos, access the internet, support various applications and still carry out photographic records. "There is not...

The Empire dominates Brazil !!! Meet the 501st Legion!

Hello There !!! Do you like cosplay and Star Wars? Have you ever imagined joining these 02 passions? Then meet the Legion 501st - Brazil Division, a fan ...

Leading women in cinema and TV

In Women's Month, there's nothing better than watching some works that have strong women as protagonists, right? Even more so at a time...

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