Monday, 21, September, 2020


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Review | My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has a simpler story than the previous ones, but even so, it manages to be superior to the last feature.

Joker | Leader in Oscar nominations brings several psychological questions

O filme é uma grande análise psicológica.

Review | Mad Games Tycoon

MAD Games Tycoon arrived on the Nintendo Switch after making a relative success on the PC.

LA League CS: GO finals took place this weekend. See how it went.

Nesse final de semana, tivemos o desfecho da LA League de CSGO e a final da competição foi entre Pain Gaming e Detona Gaming.

Criticism | To share

Nowadays it is important to be more and more careful with the way we use technology, how often do we not hear stories of people who had some private content released without consent? Share, the new feature produced by HBO, explores this situation.
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