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King of the titans and the great god of time! Like the Titan, Alan Uemura devours everything related to the nerdy universe anywhere in time and space! Allons-Y !!!

BMW is present in the gaming universe in the Extra Life 2021 challenge

Players and celebrities participate in a dispute, which will take place in a series of episodes, with the aim of winning the R$ 10,000 prize to be donated to an NGO of the winner's free choice.

Thunder FIC's | Cinematic Ideas Factory is more than a training option

FIC's manages to bring together all the mini courses into a single one, deepening not only their writing, creativity and professionalism, but also the screenwriter's work as an opinion maker.

Registration is open for the 2022 Goya Award

A partir deste ano, a Academia Brasileira de Cinema e Artes Audiovisuais se torna a representante oficial do Brasil junto à Academia de Artes e Ciências Cinematográficas da Espanha para escolher...

2A.M. offers high performance to accompany the Olympic Games

Model E550 has a desktop processor and features that increase user immersion.
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