Saturday, 8, August, 2020


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King of the titans and the great god of time! Like the Titan, Alan Uemura devours everything related to the nerdy universe anywhere in time and space! Allons-Y !!!

Review | The Great Flu - John M. Barry

Finalmente lançado no Brasil, com atraso de aproximadamente 16 anos, o livro A Grande Gripe: A História da Gripe Espanhola, A Pandemia Mais Mortal De Todos Os Tempos, chega...

Alan Wake | 10 years of the game in the best Stephen King style

The moments that make Alan Wake worth a decade later.

Brazilian author of youth books pays homage to Mega Drive classic

Paola Giometti, launches new book based on the classic Ecco The Dolphin.

Check out the summary of the PS5 Showcase that revealed Sony's new console

Great new games, hardware and conclusions about yesterday's PS5 reveal event.

Interview | Hoplon

Check out the interview with Hoplon, creator of the game Heavy Metal Machines among others.
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