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King of the titans and the great god of time! Like the Titan, Alan Uemura devours everything related to the nerdy universe anywhere in time and space! Allons-Y !!!

Call of Duty | All you need to know about Season One of Call of Duty: Vanguard

Conquer All Fronts - Vanguard gets into the mood in Pacific with a new Battle Pass and new weapons, Operators, maps and more.

Analysis | Samsung S21 Ultra at the speed of Forza Horizon 5

The Samsung S21 Ultra 5G has an excellent performance as a mobile gamer, with graphics quality and performance, and its partnership with Xbox only improves the interaction of fans of both brands.

Review | Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022 continues to be fun for all ages, mainly because it doesn't depend on anything to evolve other than playing!

World of Tanks recruits Arnold Schwarzenegger to participate in Festive Operations

This winter, Arnold is bringing the joy of the holiday season

Casio innovates and launches watch in collaboration with PAC-MAN

Model guarantees fun and retro style in a single digital watch

Review | Explorers Asked

Explorers Asked is a fascinating game aimed at all ages and could well be used by teachers in schools.

Analysis | Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is a device that enchants for its design, style and mainly for its processing power, being suitable for any type of user.

Spelltable lets you play Magic: The Gathering physical cards from anywhere in Brazil

Free, intuitive and without geographic limits, Wizards of the Coast's online platform makes it possible to play with paper cards in live broadcasts via cell phone or computer camera

Analysis | Dell Alienware m15 R6 notebook also for fun

The Dell Alienware m15 R6 is a reliable notebook, with a very good configuration, which is aimed at everyone who works in different areas, that is, from the office to the audiovisual and also for those who are looking for a notebook just to play and have fun.

Nomad Esports is the new manager of Corinthians Free Fire

As of January 2022, Nomad Esports becomes responsible for the administration of the alvinegro team

Geek event will shake the Historic Center of Santos this weekend

Event takes place this weekend and will be free. Check the schedule.

Analysis | Dell Alienware M15 R6 Notebook A Workforce

Alienware m15 R6 has a perfect set for your daily work, with a performance above the expected, being a great option for all types of users.

Crunchyroll displays historical One Piece episode thousand subtitled in Portuguese

The only platform in the country with the entire collection of One Piece episodes, Crunchyroll reveals title, synopsis, official video preview and final details behind the long-awaited 1000th episode!

Review | Far Cry 6 Cows: Insanity (PC)

Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity proved to be a great choice for an in-game adventure, but one that will only be enjoyed by those who already know the villain.

Review | Outbreak

Outbreak is a film that goes beyond showing a person in a day of rage, showing how close we are to losing our sanity.

Discover 5 games designed to help fight depression and anxiety

Some of the animations in games help people to feel more comfortable and calm.

Razer and Gaules launch special edition Gigantus V2 mousepad

Product arrives exclusively on the national market and comes with an official logo and messages that represent Tribo, the community of Brazilian content creators.

Climax Game, the deconstruction of inequality

CEO Maisa Miranda explained how the business works, how it can empower people and couples, without prejudice and barriers, and spoke about female entrepreneurship.

GGCON21 | Learn more about the eSports, technology and pop/geek event taking place this weekend

Sponsored by Coca Cola, the Câmara Cascudo Law, the State Government of RN, Arena das Dunas, the Djalma Maranhão Law and the Municipality of Natal.

IX Festival Games for Change Latin America brings national and international attractions

Online event will be held on November 12th, 13th and 14th

Dying Light 2 Stay Human soundtrack will be available on vinyl

The pre-sale of the album produced by Olivier Deriviere, composer of the soundtrack, is now open

DublaCon | First national dubbing event, confirm guests

First convention on dubbing in the world will bring together fans and voice actors to honor professionals in a virtual edition in 2021 and confirmed in-person version in 2022.

Storytel launches Glacial, e-book and audiobook by Swedish bestselling author Camilla Läckberg

Glacial is being released in e-book and audiobook formats - this one narrated by actress Letícia Sabatella.

Monsta X: The Dreaming | Film about the trajectory of the famous K-Pop group

The film will also be available at 4DX theaters in Rio and São Paulo

Magic: The Gathering Arena wins new Innistrad collection: Crimson Vote

Players of the digital version of the most traditional trading card game in the world will be able to take advantage of the new features in the collection starting today, 11/11; physical version will be released on 11/19

Bitcoin | Expert talks about what changes in the cryptocurrency network

The biggest upgrade since 2017, Taproot will allow the increase in the number of applications on the Bitcoin network by implementing smart contract formats

Live do Games for Change AL distributes cryptocurrencies

Meeting will be this Thursday, at 11 am, via YouTube.

Riot Games Announces 30 Community Giving Winners

30 non-profit organizations chosen by players from all corners of the world will receive $10,000 each to continue their work.

Dexter: New Blood | New season debuts with nostalgia for the character

First episode of the new season aired today (8) in Latin America.

Transformers: Cyberverse animated series ends in an epic way

Released in 2018, Transformers: Cyberverse follows the ongoing battle between the Autobots and Decepticons to find the Allspark.

Dexter New Blood | Remind the main events before checking out the series' return

Dexter: New Blood is back! Check out the trailer for the new series, details and events from each of the 8 seasons of Dexter Morgan's life.

RiotX Arcane | All About Progress Day

And the party continues into the game after the premiere of the first League of Legends animated series and the conclusion of the 2021 World Championship

Arcane cities appear in São Paulo and other Brazilian capitals

Riot Games brings cities of Piltover and Zaun to the real world in a campaign to promote Arcane's debut.

BIG Festival opens submissions for game developers

Game creators can register for the 10th edition of the event, which will return in 2022 in person and online

Review | Riders Republic

blic is fun, great looking, simple controls, and it appeals to all styles of players.

PETRONAS has a campaign this Sunday with prizes to publicize Formula 1

Action, which precedes the Interlagos GP, promotes the PETRONAS Syntium brand and offers an exclusive experience to the public

Review | backbone

Backbone has a narrative of the best works with a noir theme and any fan of movies, series or books will have fun with this game that deeply rescues the best of this artistic style.

Brazilian Scientists Among the Best | Everything about the series that shows how Audiovisual can help spread science in the country

The series by showrunner Claudia Santos, available on Looke, competes for Best Documentary Series on Pay TV at the Grande Premio de Cinema Brasileiro.

Riot Games opens pop-up restaurant in partnership with iFood to launch Arcane

The restaurant, as well as the series, opens on Saturday, from 7 pm.

Review | Flashback Effect

Flashback Effect is an excellent movie, but if not well watched, it can cause confusion in the understanding of the work, as it happens in our lives.

Review | Fruit of Memory

Fructo da Memória is a film to think about all the losses we have gone through in our lives, from relationships, the death of loved ones and what we forget and not even realize.

SAGA participates in the 2021 Japan Fair in Brasília

In the school lounge, visitors can play and win places in animation, games and Photoshop workshops, as well as gifts

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