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Athens is the goddess of wisdom, war, beauty and reflection. Here at Thunder Wave, she is known as Taigra Brandão who defends with primacy any film production worthy of respect

Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty – Season 1

Based on the work of Jenny Han, author of To All the Boys I've Loved Before, in The Summer That Changed My Life, Belly (Lola Tung) always spends her summer vacation the same way. But this time she will experience emotions that no other summer has provided.

Review | tropo season 1

Adaptation of the novel by Australian author Candice Fox, Crimson Lake. The series as well as the book will be set in Queensland, Australia. It follows an ex-cop who is falsely accused of a disturbing crime.

Review | Night Sky – Season 1

In Night Sky, elderly couple Irene and Franklin discover an intergalactic secret hidden in their backyard. Everything becomes even more complicated when the two realize that the planet may not be uninhabited as they thought.

Review | Our Dreams on Mars

Sophie has a long-distance relationship with a young man who works on Mars. She meets a barrista, Walt, who is in a similar situation to her. To unite with their loved ones, they both go to Mars.

Review | Inland sea

A successful professional, Manuela has to deal with the changes in her body when she finds out she is pregnant. Later, when the baby is born, she also needs to learn to be a mother.

Review | Sonic 2: The Movie

Sonic 2 - The Movie is a sequel to the events of the first live-action Sonic the Movie, based on the hit video game.

Review | bridgerton season 2

Inspired by Julia Quinn's second book, entitled 'The Viscount Who Loved Me', the new series highlights Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne's brother, and his relationship with newcomer Kate Sharma.

Review | back to 15

Anita is a woman dissatisfied with her life who wins the chance to be 15 again. She relives her school days and can make new choices, but rewriting her own story is harder than she thought.

Review | The Adam Project

After traveling through time and accidentally ending up in 2022, fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self to save the future.


As a CODA (Children of Deaf Adults), Ruby is the only hearing person in her family. When the family's fishing business is threatened, Ruby finds herself torn between following her love of music and her fear of abandoning her parents.

To reflect | Humiliation, aggression and lack of respect for others – what can the BBB still offer?

In the failed attempt to “animate” the audience with the Game of Discord, dynamics reveals the level of “entertainment” we are consuming

Review | The Happiness of Little Things

Ugyen is finishing his teacher training, but he has no vocation to teach. His dream is to get a visa to Australia, where he can sing in bars in Sydney.

Review | His Dark Materials – Season 2

The second season of His Dark Materials premiered in December 2020, but with the arrival of HBO Max in Brazil, it has become even easier to watch this new adventure.

Review | His Dark Materials – Season 1

In a world similar to ours but inhabited by witches, warrior bears and daemons, a brave young woman named Lyra discovers a sinister plan after her childhood best friend is kidnapped by a secret organization. While trying to rescue him, he discovers the existence of other worlds and an enigmatic particle called Dust.

Latin Representation: Actress of Cobra Kai talks about the importance of the theme

Vanessa Rubio plays Carmen Diaz and spoke of the relevance of her character

Review | The Time I Give You - Season 1

The couple Lina and Nico end their relationship after many years together. So Lina does her best to build a new life and think about him less and less.

Review | Emily In Paris Season 2

Despite all her inexperience, Emily managed to charm some customers, staying in Paris. With confidence on the rise, the young woman will delve deeper into French culture, needing also to resolve her love conflicts with Gabriel and Camille.

Review | Unforgiven

After serving time for a violent crime, Ruth returns to society, which refuses to forgive her past. Broken down in the place she once called home, her only hope is to find the sister she had been forced to leave behind.

To marathon | 05 books to read before 2021 is over

Books to Read Before 2021 Say Goodbye!

Review | The last night

Silent Night is a 2021 British dark humor Christmas film written and directed by Camille Griffin.

Astral Journey marks Angelica's streaming debut

Angelica's new program, "Astral Journey", premieres on December 21 on HBO Max and will feature several very special guests.

Review | the woman who ran away

The newest film by director Hong Sang-Soo who is known for his unique and simple productions. However, behind all the plot that makes up the plot there is a disguised message. The film, which was screened at the competitive exhibition at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival, earned the director the Golden Bear award for Best Director.

Review | Tick, tick… BOOM!

About to turn 30, composer Jonathan Larson is reluctant to pursue his dream of writing a great musical.

Review | Hanna – Season 3 (2021)

Season 3 unfolds the immediate events shown at the end of last year, with the character willing to do away with Utrax to gain his freedom.

Press Conference | Directors of "Tralala" talk about the feature

Featured at the French Film Festival Varilux, "Tralala" follows an unsuccessful musician who finds himself an actor satisfying the wishes of others

Press Conference | Cast and director talk about the feature O Novelo

A feature that escapes clichés to talk about black men while reflecting their complexities.

Press Conference | Host and judges talk about The Cut, HBO Max's new reality show

A fierce competition in which 12 participants will have to overcome themselves to prove who is the best hairstylist in Brazil

Press Conference | Cast and director talk about "The Perfect Mother-In-Law"

We participated in the online press conference with the cast and director of A Sogra Perfeita. Check out!

Lifetime presents a special campaign and programming for the End of Violence Against Women

Last Thursday, the 18th, the online launch event for the Latin American campaign took place, O Normal é que te Amen, an initiative of the brand...

Harry Potter 20 years old | The One Who Should Not Be Named… Severus Snape

Severus Snape is one of the characters, most loved or hated by everyone, but he is an essential part of the little wizard's story, playing a very important role from beginning to end of the plot.


A fierce competition in which 12 participants will have to overcome themselves to prove who is the best hairstylist in Brazil

Black Consciousness | We want more black representation in the audiovisual

To talk about black representation in the audiovisual, we invite the Rio de Janeiro filmmaker, Sabrina Fidalgo, check it out!

Black Consciousness | 08 Actors who won the Golden Globes

Black actors who have already won the Golden Globes.

Review | the perfect mother-in-law

In her early 40s, Neide has just separated from her husband and dreams of enjoying her single life. However, the youngest, Fábio Junior, gives no sign of leaving the house. She decides to train an employee to be the perfect wife for her son and thus get him out of the house.

Review | the long way home

The trajectory of Holocaust survivors, who soon afterwards fought for the founding of the State of Israel.

Review | I'm not there

Bob Dylan biopic by Todd Haynes.

HBO Max confirmed at CCXP Worlds 21

Platform news can be seen on the Thunder stage during the event that starts on December 4th

First Impressions | The Legend of Lady Ferrari

With 12 episodes, it is a Russian super production that debuted in 2020 and whose backdrop is the civil war in the 1920s in Russia.

Press Conference | Cast and director talk about feature film 'Future Gallery'

We participated in the online press conference, with some members of the cast of the film Galeria Futuro, check out what happened!

Review | MAID

With financial and family problems, Alex leaves an abusive relationship behind and finds a job as a cleaning lady to support her daughter and build a future for both of them.

Review | explosive cocktail

The film stars Karen Gillan as a young murderer for hire who must team up with her estranged mother and former classmates to save a young girl from rival murderers.

Review | Future Gallery

It's an unusual story about friendship, nostalgia and personal evolution. The characters, stuck in the past, will have to confront the present and face the future.

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