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Athens is the goddess of wisdom, war, beauty and reflection. Here at Thunder Wave, she is known as Taigra Brandão who defends with primacy any film production worthy of respect

Review | the good wife

Paulette Van Der Beck has been the principal of a school of home governance for many years. Her mission is to train teenagers to be perfect housewives, expecting women to be obedient to their husbands. She discovers that the school is on the brink of bankruptcy and takes responsibility for the place, deciding to participate in a TV show. But she and her excited students begin to question their beliefs as the May 1968 protests across the country transform the society around them.

Review | sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth is an American drama and fantasy television series based on the eponymous comic book by Jeff Lemire. The series was created by Jim Mickle for Netflix and premiered on June 4, 2021.

Review | The Love Witch

The Love Witch is a 2016 American horror/tragedy comedy written, edited, directed, produced and scored by Anna Biller. The film stars Samantha Robinson as Elaine Parks, a modern-day witch who uses spells and magic to make men fall in love with her with disastrous results.

Review | How to Hack Your Boss

After a meeting via Zoom, Victor (Victor Lamoglia) needs to prepare a presentation to deliver to his boss the next morning. But what he really wants is to celebrate his birthday and declare himself for the financier's crush (Thati Lopes). He ends up, however, sending the wrong presentation to the boss and has to race against time to find a way to delete it.

Review | summer of 85

What do you dream of when you're 16 and at a seaside resort in Normandy in the 1980s? A best friend? A lifelong teenage pact? Going out on adventures on a boat or motorbike? Living life at breakneck speed? No. You dream of death. Because you can't kick bigger than die. And that's why you save him to the end. In “Summer of '85,” the holidays have just begun, and this story tells how Alexis grew up on himself.
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