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Athens is the goddess of wisdom, war, beauty and reflection. Here at Thunder Wave, she is known as Taigra Brandão who defends with primacy any film production worthy of respect

Criticism | Love With Date

Love with a Date is a light film, good to pass the time and that will please fans of romantic comedies who expect something new in the old.

Eclipse | Signs of possessiveness and obsession

The character Bella is a challenge. In moments it imposes itself, in others it submits to what others want. We realize that what an abusive relationship can become in the course of the work, however, does not fail to illustrate the reality. After all, reality and fiction go hand in hand.

Criticism | Enola Holmes and the case of the missing marquis

Enola Holmes does not innovate, but amuses and accumulates positive points in several aspects of the plot, making the experience delicious and interesting. Bobby Brown's charm conquers and so she is not only the "Stranger Things" girl, she is much more.

Review | Midnight Sun

Rereading the saga, we can see that Stephenie Meyer's writing has improved a lot and the richness of details and evolution of the characters was something surreal. The cover is a separate point, as the image can cause discomfort, but it represents the entire internal battle that takes place inside Edward. It's a great book, with a few caveats. Good reading!

Challenge Under Fire Brazil and Latin America: Three Brazilians dispute the grand final

Cléber, Milton and Sandro are among the four finalists of the third season of the competition that warmed the hearts of amateur cutlery. Which Brazilian will win the third championship?
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