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Athens is the goddess of wisdom, war, beauty and reflection. Here at Thunder Wave, she is known as Taigra Brandão who defends with primacy any film production worthy of respect

Press Conference | Directors of "Tralala" talk about the feature

Featured at the French Film Festival Varilux, "Tralala" follows an unsuccessful musician who finds himself an actor satisfying the wishes of others

Press Conference | Cast and director talk about the feature O Novelo

A feature that escapes clichés to talk about black men while reflecting their complexities.

Press Conference | Host and judges talk about The Cut, HBO Max's new reality show

A fierce competition in which 12 participants will have to overcome themselves to prove who is the best hairstylist in Brazil

Press Conference | Cast and director talk about "The Perfect Mother-In-Law"

We participated in the online press conference with the cast and director of A Sogra Perfeita. Check out!

Lifetime presents a special campaign and programming for the End of Violence Against Women

Last Thursday, the 18th, the online launch event for the Latin American campaign took place, O Normal é que te Amen, an initiative of the brand...

Harry Potter 20 years old | The One Who Should Not Be Named… Severus Snape

Severus Snape is one of the characters, most loved or hated by everyone, but he is an essential part of the little wizard's story, playing a very important role from beginning to end of the plot.


A fierce competition in which 12 participants will have to overcome themselves to prove who is the best hairstylist in Brazil

Black Consciousness | We want more black representation in the audiovisual

To talk about black representation in the audiovisual, we invite the Rio de Janeiro filmmaker, Sabrina Fidalgo, check it out!

Black Consciousness | 08 Actors who won the Golden Globes

Black actors who have already won the Golden Globes.

Review | the perfect mother-in-law

In her early 40s, Neide has just separated from her husband and dreams of enjoying her single life. However, the youngest, Fábio Junior, gives no sign of leaving the house. She decides to train an employee to be the perfect wife for her son and thus get him out of the house.

Review | the long way home

The trajectory of Holocaust survivors, who soon afterwards fought for the founding of the State of Israel.

Review | I'm not there

Bob Dylan biopic by Todd Haynes.

HBO Max confirmed at CCXP Worlds 21

Platform news can be seen on the Thunder stage during the event that starts on December 4th

First Impressions | The Legend of Lady Ferrari

With 12 episodes, it is a Russian super production that debuted in 2020 and whose backdrop is the civil war in the 1920s in Russia.

Press Conference | Cast and director talk about feature film 'Future Gallery'

We participated in the online press conference, with some members of the cast of the film Galeria Futuro, check out what happened!

Review | MAID

With financial and family problems, Alex leaves an abusive relationship behind and finds a job as a cleaning lady to support her daughter and build a future for both of them.

Review | explosive cocktail

The film stars Karen Gillan as a young murderer for hire who must team up with her estranged mother and former classmates to save a young girl from rival murderers.

Review | Future Gallery

It's an unusual story about friendship, nostalgia and personal evolution. The characters, stuck in the past, will have to confront the present and face the future.

Review | Between Kisses and Shots

In Die in a Gunfight, Mary (Alexandra Daddario) and Ben (Diego Boneta) live a passion worthy of Romeo and Juliet.

Press Conference | Sandy + Chef

Along with renowned chefs, Sandy will lead the production that debuts on November 11th on the streaming platform

Review | As long as there is love

In unexpected news, husband Edward tells his wife Grace that he is leaving her to be with another woman after 29 years of marriage, upsetting his current wife and child.


Along with renowned chefs, Sandy will lead the production that debuts on November 11th on the streaming platform

Review | Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts

New series from Netflix bets on astrology. Check out!

All About | Inside 25 Years of Tomb Raider

Being a female character and still a reference in video games is not for many. In a world dominated by male protagonists, Lara Croft changed the industry by becoming a prominent character in a role of heroine of the action genre and remaining today as one of the few women who star in adventure games played by a large audience.

Review | Bob Spit – We Don't Like People

Old punk Bob Spit tries to escape a post-apocalyptic wasteland that is actually a purgatory inside the mind of its creator, cartoonist Angeli, who is going through a creative crisis.

Ruby Rose Denounces Abuse and Neglect on the 'Batwoman' Movie Set

Warner Bros. released a statement calling the actress' accounts "revisionist history"

Review | Kate

After being poisoned, an assassin has less than 24 hours to find the culprit and take revenge.

Review | Under the Paris Stairs

Christine is homeless in Paris. One winter night, she finds Suli, an immigrant boy, crying in front of her shelter. Limited by their marginal conditions, they embark together on an exciting journey to find their mother in Paris.

Review | Guest of honor

Jim is a food inspector who is trying to get his daughter Veronica, a high school teacher, out of jail after she is wrongly accused of sexual harassment. When Veronica decides she doesn't want to get out of prison, the relationship between father and daughter becomes even more complicated.

Review | cowboys

Cowboys is a family drama that follows Troy and his son as they flee into rural western Montana, with the goal of reaching the Canadian border. Trying to free his trans child from his mother's prejudices, Troy is also facing mental health issues and lacks the necessary medication. However, Joe's mother, Sally, discovers the disappearance and ends up involving outside forces to find them.

Review | Anthropocene: Notes on Life on Earth

In his first nonfiction book, the award-winning author of The Blame is the Stars analyzes the contradictions and wonders of humanity.

Review | we will be fine

Together for 20 years, a couple who got disconnected over time receive difficult news that will impact the entire family. As they try to absorb the changes, they end up finding the love they feel for each other.

Review | 007 - On Time To Die

In 007 - In Time To Die, Bond left active duty and is enjoying a quiet life in Jamaica. His peace doesn't last long when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA shows up asking for help. The quest to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond on the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

Mariana's Secret Garden | Press conference with director, screenwriter and cast

H2O Films held an online press conference with some cast members from Mariana's Secret Garden and Thunder Wave was invited

Review | Mariana's Secret Garden

In O Jardim Secreto de Mariana, we follow the story of João and Mariana, a couple in love who have their relationship interrupted in an untimely manner. Five years after their abrupt separation, he decides to go with his gut and sets off on a long bike journey to try to convince her that the romance should never be over. The love, which still exists between the two, is then called into question.

Review | Ainbo: The Warrior of the Amazon

Ainbo was born and raised in the village of Candámo, in the Amazon rainforest. One day, she discovers that her tribe is being threatened by other humans. The girl faces the mission to reverse this destruction and extinguish the evil of the Yakuruna, the darkness that inhabits the hearts of greedy people.

Review | my blood is red

The film follows rapper Owerá, from the Guarani M'bya tribe, on visits to indigenous communities in Maranhão and Mato Grosso do Sul to show how they have been living with land expropriation, while developing their musical identity.

An Inseparable Couple|Press conference with the film's cast

Telecine held an online press conference, with some of the cast members of the film An Inseparable Couple and Thunder was invited, check out what happened!

Review | 200 meters

In A 200 Meters, we follow the story of Mustafa, a father who is far from his family. He and his wife live separated by the wall that divides the West Bank and Israel. When he receives a call that his son has had an accident and is hospitalized, Mustafa tries to cross the border, but is stopped. Unhappy with the situation and with the refusal of Israeli officials, he sets out on a 200-kilometer odyssey with the aim of finding his family.

Everything we know about CCXP Worlds 21

CCXP Worlds 21: Omelette Confirms New CCXP Online Edition

Review | Susan Doesn't Want To Know About Love

It is a narrative that addresses very current issues such as female independence, motherhood after the age of forty, love, family ties, flexibility in relation to life and how to go on if we do not allow ourselves to live the experiences that life gives us. Not everything needs to follow a pre-established rule and Susan shows us this through her evolution as a woman, as a mother, as a friend.

Review | An Inseparable Couple

Manuela is a determined and self-confident beach volleyball teacher. She has never based her happiness on a relationship and doesn't plan on getting married. Leo is a successful pediatrician, charismatic and extremely seductive. The two fall in love and start to lead a life together, but a mismatch ends up causing the separation. Amidst fights and moments of nostalgia, and with the help of manipulator Esther, Manuela's mother, the two will discover if they are really inseparable.

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