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Taranis is the Celtic God of Thunder. Here at Thunder Wave, Taranis is actually a woman (some know her as Daniela Carrano), but don't be fooled, she is more macho than too macho ... Somewhat nerdy and completely without social life, she is addicted in series and has a great interest in films, games and books.

Corruption Game | Amazon Prime Video Announces Cast of El Presidente's New Season

The continuation of the drama produced by Gaumont will be titled Jogo da Corrupção, with Brazilian actors Eduardo Moscovis and Maria Fernanda Cândido in the main cast

Review | AmarAção

AmarAção is a comedy that manages to entertain, with very national arguments and good performances, it captivates the viewer, but leaves a feeling of emptiness when showing that it could have been better in the resolution.

Review | The Sims 4 Dream Decoration brings an interesting profession to the game

With a different profession and easy to play, The Sims 4 Dream Decoration is an interesting and fun expansion.

Loki | Meet TVA, the agency that serves as the background for the series

Original series features organization responsible for keeping the multiverse in order.

The Boys | Amazon releases long-awaited image of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy

Finally, the first image of the actor as the new character in The Boys is revealed.
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