Monday, 13, July, 2020


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Taranis is the Celtic God of Thunder. Here at Thunder Wave, Taranis is actually a woman (some know her as Daniela Carrano), but don't be fooled, she is more macho than too macho ... Somewhat nerdy and completely without social life, she is addicted in series and has a great interest in films, games and books.

Telegram repents and will no longer have his own currency

Telegram gives up on its own currency project.

Hard | New series presents the universe of pornographic production through the female eye

In conversation with journalists, cast and production of the Hard series talk about the details of the new HBO original.

Veronica Mars | 4th season comes to HBO

Veronica Mars debuts in July on HBO.

The Blacklist | Series launches animated episode to complement suspended recordings

The Blacklist launches an episode in an animated format to compensate for suspended recordings.
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