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Taranis is the Celtic God of Thunder. Here at Thunder Wave, Taranis is actually a woman (some know her as Daniela Carrano), but don't be fooled, she is more macho than too macho ... Somewhat nerdy and completely without social life, she is addicted in series and has a great interest in films, games and books.

Crítica | A Viúva das Sombras

A Viúva das Sombras consegue entreter e se qualifica como um bom filme, não chega a surpreender, mas, principalmente em comparação com as produções anteriores do país, se destaca por manter uma boa dinâmica e servir como diversão.

Review | Outlander- Written With Blood From My Own Heart- Diana Gabaldon

Eighth volume of the Outlander series, Written with the Blood of My Own Heart plays with readers' emotions and is not afraid to show strong events.

Review | Alexander Hamilton- Ron Chernow

Detailed and informative, Alexander Hamilton is a wonderful biography for those who want to know in depth the character that has been successful in recent years.

Film festival portrays the lives of young people, women and LGBTQI + from the periphery and occupations of SP

Registration for the 1st at the Quebrada Film Festival is free and open

Review | The Refuge- Mick Kitson

Refúgio could be a deep book and full of relevant questions, but ends up getting lost in a shallow adventure where, however detailed, everything happens very fast and fails to empathize with the reader.
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