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Taranis is the Celtic God of Thunder. Here at Thunder Wave, Taranis is actually a woman (some know her as Daniela Carrano), but don't be fooled, she is more macho than too macho ... Somewhat nerdy and completely without social life, she is addicted in series and has a great interest in films, games and books.

Criticism | Good morning, Veronica - Season 1

Instigating and profound, Good Morning, Veronica deals with important matters and provides a great service to society.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Series to air episode about police brutality in season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine vai exibir uma história sobre a brutalidade policial na 8ª temporada. Depois de supostamente desfazer-se de pelo menos quatro episódios de sua próxima temporada devido aos protestos...

Passport to Love | New series shows five women traveling abroad in search of love

Inspired by real stories, the new series presents the travels of each of these women and their encounters in countries like Peru, Cambodia, India and Russia.

The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw | Watch the trailer of the interesting folk horror

Meet the interesting American terror that deals with religion and urban legends in 1973.
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