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Bem Brasil establishes a partnership with eureciclo to environmentally compensate its post-consumer packaging

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The Bem Brasil Alimentos made the partnership with eurecycle, reverse packaging logistics certifier in Brazil. This is yet another sustainability action that is now part of Bem Brasil's portfolio, which since its inception has emphasized that respect and care for the ecosystem are part of its organizational culture and DNA.

“The partnership consists of allocating resources proportional to the volume of packaging generated with the sale of our products, to the recycling chain, in order to mitigate the environmental impact of our post-consumer waste. A commitment we have always had not only to our business, but to the environment and society. The company has been working, more and more, with permanent projects that can guarantee responsible production and consumption”, says the company's CEO, Denio de Oliveira.

By making the environmental compensation applied to the reverse logistics of its packaging, Bem Brasil will receive Recycling Certificates issued by eurecycle. The documents are traceable and prove the volume of material properly destined, in compliance with the guidelines of the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), established by Federal Law 12.305/2010, which imposes on manufacturers, importers, distributors and traders of packaged products the duty to structure and operationalize systems that ensure the return of post-consumer packaging to the production process, with the subsequent environmentally appropriate final destination of what is returned.  

To meet nationally defined post-consumer packaging reverse logistics targets, companies must recover or offset a minimum amount of 22% from the total mass of packaging placed on the market. Bem Brasil will recycle 1,273 tons of post-consumer packaging (305 tons of plastic and 968 tons of paper), which is equivalent to 5,092 m³ of waste or more than 4.5 Olympic swimming pools full of waste,

With the partnership – which began with voluntary compensation in 9 Brazilian states and will now be carried out throughout Brazil – the company starts stamping the eu sealrecycle, that informs the consumer about the investment in the sector and in the recycling agents. In addition to the sale value of the material, they are also remunerated for the service provided by directing waste for recycling.

Cooperatives and operators have the autonomy to invest the amounts received in training, equipment, structure and salaries. “In practice, it means that, by offsetting the impact of our packaging, Bem Brasil helps to value the work provided by these organizations, developing the country's recycling chain. This is also an important point of the PNRS, which indicates the importance of including cooperatives and collectors of recyclable materials in the reverse logistics process, as a social issue and income generation”, adds Oliveira.      

“Together, we were able to achieve greater recycled volumes and remunerate professionals in the sector with additional values, causing environmental and social impact. In the sustainability journey, it is important to unite so that the results are expanded”, says Luca Degrandis, from eurecycle.

Bem Brasil's partnership with eurecycle initial duration of 2 years. In addition to this commitment, other waste management actions are part of the company's Sustainability Management portfolio. One of them is the disposal of Styrofoam leftovers to a partner that uses them as raw material in the manufacture of blocks for civil construction, material that returns to Bem Brasil and is applied in the cold storage chambers of in natura potatoes.

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