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Book Biennial: Children's programming with the participation of Lorena Queiroz and Mauricio de Sousa


Last Sunday (03), the children had fun with the children's program dedicated only to them in 18th International Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro. O Contact us, in four days of the event, received more than 3.7 thousand children and adults in its space of events. In addition to activities and a theatrical staging, the programming is also made up of interactivity, with sensory and didactic areas.

The actress Lorena Queiroz, protagonist of the novel Angel's face, of SBTsigned his book The Party of Lorena Queiroz, in a space full of balloons. Lorena received her fans, took pictures and distributed smiles and commented on her experience of being part of the event. "I'm loving the Bienal. I really enjoyed meeting my fans and seeing their affection with me“, said the 6-year-old actress and now writer.

The Party of Lorena Queiroz it shows a little of the life of the child star and its tastes. With an entirely playful visual identity, some excerpts from the book have the actress's calligraphy full of colorful designs and shapes, attractive to children. The publisher HarperCollins Brasil is responsible for publishing and launching the book and you can see some images below.

Mauricio de Sousa it was another sensation of the day. The cartoonist is a permanent presence at the Bienal as in all previous years. The space Meeting with Authors received him together with a large mixed audience of all ages for a very relaxed chat. Mauricio told his childhood and adolescence stories, talked about his early career and inspiration to create his countless characters and tell a little about his biography, Mauricio – The story that is not in the comic bookrecently launched.

When asked about the new ways of reading inserted after years in the traditional way, including the use of technology, Mauricio said that the Bienal is suitable for hosting this mixture as it is a democratic space. "The Biennial is a celebration of culture, knowledge and intelligence. The frequency we find here, of children, youth, adults, super-adults, is what fuels the spirit of the event“, romanticized the cartoonist.

On what to do to not let the reading spirit die, he advised. "It is necessary to carry forward the will and the desire to continue reading, getting information, meeting new authors and new subjects“, concluded the creator of Monica's Gang. Still on Sunday, he received fans and readers for an autograph session and next to Monica and chive, took pictures with the public.



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