Tuesday, 9, August, 2022

Rio Book Biennial: Larissa Manoela drives her fans crazy

During her stay at the Bienal do Livro in Rio de Janeiro, the actress caused an uproar at the launch of her book

The actress Larissa Manoela it caused screaming, running and commotion in its fans during its passage in the 18th Edition of the International Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro. The young woman participated in a chat at Arena #SemFiltro next to Thalita Rebouças and Ingrid Guimarães and on the occasion, they talked about the film Seriously, Mother!, adaptation of Thalita's book of the same name.

Shortly after the chat, the actress was taken to a room inside the blue pavilion, at Riocentro, to prepare for the autograph session. At the entrance to the building, fans shouted her name and asked her to wave from the window. What happened. Thunder recorded the exact moment when the actress waved to her fans. See the video below, exclusively.

The publisher HarperCollins Brasil launched the book Larissa Manoela's World. This is the second book in the career of the actress who rose to stardom thanks to her interpretation of Maria Joaquina, Brazilian remake of the soap opera Carrossel, from SBT. This is the second book by the actress in less than a year, which now ventures through literature.

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