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Bienal do Livro Rio: For the second day in a row, Maisa is a sensation at the Bienal do Livro

This Sunday (03), More information caused shouting and running in the 18th Edition of the Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro. For the second consecutive day, the actress was at Riocentro, venue of the event, to sign her third book, + A's Book of Tweets, by the publisher Gutenberg Brazil.

Yesterday, she was also at the event for the signing session and meeting with fans and in the space Arena #SinFilter, next to the singer Priscilla Alcântara, interacted with fans more closely and at the time, the artists talked about how they met and how they became friends. Both sang excerpts from their songs and answered questions from the audience.

Maisa talked about her new book. He said that the idea of writing it came up because it is connected with the Twitter - the social network to which you can only type a post with 140 characters - and your tweets (as these posts are called), gained repercussions on and off the internet. "When the invitation to do a third book came up, I said it had to be about that“Said the young woman.

Bienal do Livro Rio: Pelo segundo dia seguido, Maisa é sensação na Bienal do Livro 1
Maisa Silva poses with her book, 'The Book of Tweets by + A', on the panel of the Rio Book Biennial | Photo / Disclosure: Thunder Wave website

And he reported what his new manuscript is about. "About my various episodes on Twitter. From Maisa in moments of madness to my embarrassing child pictures“, He joked. "I talk about several things. I'm using my tweets to talk about various topics“, Finished.

Indeed. When the episode of Silvio Santos embarrass her in a national chain alongside Dudu Camargo, also a presenter at the same broadcaster as Maisa, the whole of Brazil sided with the young woman, which caused a stir in many as well as revolts. Maisa used her profile on the social network to thank the fans who defended her and also, she joked with those who found her politeness bad towards her boss.

+ A's Book of Tweets is already available in all bookstores and you can purchase it at any of the stands Book Biennial.


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