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Maurício de Souza's biography will become a film

Pedro Vasconcelos will direct the live-action feature about the trajectory of the creator of Turma da Mônica


The life of Maurício de Sousa, the greatest cartoonist in Brazil, will become a film. The creator of Bidu and Turma da Mônica has a cinematographic trajectory that will be revealed by director Pedro Vasconcelos. When the filmmaker Pedro Vasconcelos read the autobiography Mauritius - The story that is not in the comic, had no doubts that he wanted to take the story to the cinema and started to imagine the story board.

Fiction in live-action will tell the adventures of the boy of simple origin who, at the age of 6, found a comic book in a trash can and, thanks to his passion for comics, overcame great obstacles to create an empire, Maurício de Sousa Produções.

“He became literate through comics, with the help of his mother, and read everything that came here, at the time: Mandrake, Flash Gordon, Spirit, Donald Duck. Soon he started doodling cartoons. At 13, he started selling his drawings, in diptychs, at his father's barber shop - who was a barber, but a poet by vocation. At school, after drawing a caricature of a math teacher, he was chased by him and ended up repeating three years in a row ”, says Pedro Vasconcelos.

Family life made up for the lack of resources of his parents, Petronilha and Antonio Mauricio. They were very united, creative and affectionate and this guaranteed the prodigious and impetuous boy an unforgettable childhood in Mogi das Cruzes (SP), where he moved as a child (he was born in Santa Isabel, in the interior of São Paulo). He picked fruit on his feet, bathed in the river with friends, played in the dirt streets.

The film will show not only the story of overcoming Maurício de Sousa, but where the inspiration and references for each of his most famous characters came from - some created from childhood memories, others from different experiences he had in the most different phases. At the age of 19, after trying unsuccessfully to present his drawings, Maurício was a police reporter - a way he found to enter the Folha da Manhã newspaper (now Folha de S. Paulo), writing reports while he was unable to start a career as a designer. In 1959, he created the puppy Bidu, his first character, and in his spare time he created the strips of Bidu and Franjinha for Folha da Tarde, from the same group.

If his professional life was full of action, then personally, we don't even talk. Maurício has a repertoire to inspire many, many comics. "It will be difficult to make a single film - it is so much good story that you could write a franchise", jokes the director.

Produced by Tuinho Schwartz and screenplay and script by Pedro Vasconcelos, who bought the rights to the book through the production company Boa Ideia Entretenimento, the feature film will be shot in São Paulo - interior and capital - and promises to enchant Brazilians of all generations, with date yet to be confirmed.



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