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Bloodshot | Meet the comic book that inspired the new eponymous film starring Vin Diesel

To commemorate the opening of theaters in Bloodshot, new film starring Vin Diesel, a Sony Pictures and the Social Comics, which has HQ on its platform Bloodshot, made a partnership to release issues 0 and 1 of the HQ free of charge along with a complete dossier of information about the character. Publications will be available for one month, without the need for registration.

The platform also started a partnership with Cinemark for customers of loyalty programs Cinemark Mania and My Cinemark have access to Bloodshot comics.

HQ History

Bloodshot was created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet in 1992. Its first appearance occurred a year later, on the pages of Rai #0 magazine. The character quickly became one of the great successes of the Valiant, gaining its own publication. Originally the work was about Angelo Mortalli, a gangster who was modified and used in the Ascending Spirits Project after being betrayed by the working mafia.

In 2012, Valiant promoted a reboot of all their stories, creating the current origin of Bloodshot presented in HQ. In it, Ray Garrison he was resurrected to participate in the same project as his predecessor, having his memory erased and replaced by false memories. In the process nanites were inserted into his blood, giving him powers such as regeneration, metamorphosis and superhuman strength. After discovering his true past, the soldier sets out in search of answers and revenge against those who ruined his life.

Ascending Spirits Project: It consisted of reviving soldiers and transforming them into deadly machines called Bloodshots to carry out government missions, being discarded and improved with each new attempt. The most recent ones, although efficient, presented the problem of completing the missions mechanically, killing any innocent people that stood in the way, which the Project called “collateral damage”. Finally, the scientists achieved the result they were looking for in Ray Garrison, inserting false memories into his brain that gave him a purpose to complete the missions in a more humane and effective way.

Bloodshot opens in theaters on March 12.


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