SpongeBob- The Incredible Regate | See the 1st trailer for the film


In June fans of Sponge Bob can expect nothing less than a lot of adventure from the most beloved character from the bottom of the sea with the launch of SpongeBob- The Incredible Regatta.

Getting home and not finding your pet is desperate. Imagine knowing he was kidnapped ?! At such times only the best friend is salvation to help rescue him. As shown in the movie trailer, released today by Paramount Pictures, SpongeBob will have Patrick's company in search of Gary.

Watch by clicking on the video above.

Characters adored by the public of the well-known Fenda do Bikini are also in the feature, such as Lula Molusco, Seu Sirigueijo, Sandy Bochechas, among others, in addition to new figures that the duo will meet along the way.

Sponge Bob is dubbed in Brazil by Wendel Bezerra. The film hits theaters on June 11, 2020.


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