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Start Series News Good morning, Verônica | Netflix releases official series trailer

Good morning, Verônica | Netflix releases official series trailer


Justice may be blind, but Veronica is not. And she won't stop, as the series trailer shows Good morning, Veronica, that Netflix just released.

In the video, the clerk at the São Paulo Homicide Police - a character who gives the series its name and is played by Tainá Müller - plunges into two investigations full of suspense and action to help victims of violence and injustice. To do this, she will go head-to-head with Chief Carvana (Antonio Grassi) and with delegate Anita (Elisa Volpatto). Watch in the player above.

One of the cases that catches your attention is that of Tânia (Aline Borges), woman deceived by a scammer who initiates the attack through the internet. The other is that of Janete (Camila Morgado), Brandão's wife (Eduardo Moscovis), one serial killer smart and dangerous. Behind the facade of an exemplary caring and professional husband, he reveals a cruel mind, capable of trapping its targets like birds in a cage. 

Based on the celebrated eponymous crime novel by criminologist Ilana Casoy and writer Raphael Montes, Bom Dia, Verônica has a soundtrack signed by Given Villa-Lobos and Roberto Schilling. The singer Elza Soares, which packs the trailer with the verses of the song "Maria da Vila Matilde", is part of the fine-tuned musical selection of the duo. 

Debuting on October 1 on Netflix, the series was created and adapted for TV by Raphael Montes, with a script by Raphael himself along with Ilana Casoy, Gustavo Bragança, David Kolb and Carol Garcia. In the general direction is José Henrique Fonseca.

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