Brahms: Dummy II | Dummy terrifies family in new movie trailer


The boy Jude (Christopher Convery) has strange hobbies, like scaring her mother, Liza (Katie Holmes), and destroy your teddy bear. So begins the horror trailer Brahms: Dummy of Evil II, which has just been released by Galeria Distribuidora.

To check out the video, watch above.

The plot features a family that, without knowing the terrifying stories of the property, moves to Heelshire Mansion. There, his son soon makes a disturbing friendship, a frighteningly real puppet that he calls Brahms.

Sequence of the 2016 feature film,Brahms: Dummy of Evil II has direction of William Brent Bell (“Boneco do Mal” and “Filha do Mal”) and script by Stacey Menar ("Evil doll"). In the cast are still Owain Yeoman (“Deadly Labor Day”) and Ralph Ineson (“The Witch”), among others.

The film will premiere in Brazil on March 5.


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