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Start Books News Brazilian author of youth books pays homage to Mega Drive classic

Brazilian author of youth books pays homage to Mega Drive classic

Who played the games Sega in the 90s you probably came across the adventure game at some point Ecco the Dolphin, developed by Ed Annunziata and that at the time was a great success. It was one of the few games where you could control animals almost like in a marine life simulator. The main character was Ecco, a bottlenose dolphin that traveled over time to face aliens that invaded the oceans. The game started with Ecco swimming in a very calm bay, until a mysterious whirlwind occurs in the sky, sucking all the life in the bay - except Ecco, which manages to escape. 

Brasileira autora de livros juvenis faz homenagem a clássico de Mega Drive 1

The game was so successful that, in 96, in Brazil, it was released Ecco: The Tides of Time, and this new game followed the same line as the first, but with the possibility of playing a stage using the body of a seagull, another as a shark and even as jellyfish. It was at that time that, at the age of 9, the Brazilian Paola Giometti started playing the franchise games, and Ecco the Dolphin and Ecco: The Tides of Time quickly became his favorite games, and the dolphin, his favorite animal. Inspired by the soundtrack - which for 16 bits was a true work of art - and motivated by the story of Ecco, Paola published her first book at the age of 11, entitled Night at Dawn, and with him - in 1996 - she became the youngest writer in Brazil. After 24 years, in 2020, Paola relaunches the book for Elo publisher as a tribute to Ecco, and with the intention of bringing people the lives of cetaceans closer to them, even for those who do not play video games.

Brasileira autora de livros juvenis faz homenagem a clássico de Mega Drive 2

Night at Dawn tells the story of the dolphin Physter, who witnesses the moment when his school and life at sea were taken by dark, muddy waters, and with a certain evil "soul". In the underwater adventure, Physter (name inspired by the genre Physeter, represented by sperm whales) travels to distant oceans in the company of the ancestors of whales, manta rays and dolphins in search of what everyone calls Geoffrensis, which in reality is an ore that holds the power of the Cetacean god, capable of conferring some powers, such as, for example, a vocal vibration capable of corrupting the “malignant” mud of the waters. Finally, Physter will encounter dangerous creatures called Kiwaxes, which grow in the abysses and rise to the surface to devour what remains of life. At the same time, Physter will have to swim fast to prevent the muddy waters from rising with the oil slick and bringing into the oceans night at dawn.

“The game was so important in my childhood that it determined much of what I am today”, comments Paola, who is a biologist with a PhD in Sciences, working today with research at a university in northern Norway and also known for having published a series of books called Fables of the Earth, which tells stories of animals in the wild. "In addition to paying homage to Ed Annunziata's games, I would like to bring the feeling I had when I played Ecco for the first time to the new generation," adds Paola.

Anyone who is an Ecco fan will probably remember that the game levels had titles. Fin to Feather it is a stage where Ecco can transform into a seagull and fly over a hill to reach a new level. In Night at Dawn, Physter uses a feather to float over a fjord, to reach a mountain where the ancestor of the manta rays protects the mineral Geoffrensis. In addition, Paola used the strange kiwax crustacean, with volcanic waters and which has a menacing appearance to make a parallel with the alien enemies and Queen Vortex, from Ecco.

Another curious reference to the game was the use of crystals, as Paola mentions quartz, present in the sands of the ocean as an important source of energy that connects the oceans to the ancestry of the creatures. In Night at Dawn, the muddy waters would rise with the high tide, annihilating with this important connection between the present and the past.

Night at Dawn will be relaunched in July 2020, and because it has become a manual on marine animals, it will also gain the version in pounds and audio description by Elo Editora so that it can be accessible to all. and


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