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Playing with Fire Brazil | Meet the new participants and their missions

After many arguments and confusion, some wasted money, couples forming and the group united, peace finally reigns in the retreat of Playing with fire Brazil. #soqueno! Lana has prepared a novelty for the cast of rreality show: just the arrival of two new participants that will move the game. 

The “grenade” participants, Ana Clara and Bruno, are welcomed warmly at first. Rita sees a new opportunity to decide; Igor to forget Rita; and Brenda to see the circus catch fire again. What they don't know is that the newcomers have an unfriendly mission: to break the rules and test everyone's evolution, with a generous incentive: for each slip caused by the pair, the prize money goes straight to the account. of the “grenades”.

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Will Ana Clara and Bruno get rich based on new temptations? To find out, watch the last 4 episodes of playing with fire Brazil from the next 28th, only on Netflix.

Get to know the "grenades" of playing with fire Brazil:

Ana Clara Sena – 24 years old, Student, Minas Gerais – Fearless and resolute, she likes to be the center of attention. As a good girl from Minas Gerais, she eats quietly and gets what she wants. He gets along well with men, but he tires out quickly and goes on to the next one.

Brincando com Fogo Brasil | Conheça os novos participantes e suas missões 1
(Credit: Nikhol Esteras/Netflix)

Bruno Bachur – 29 years old, model, Minas Gerais – Mysterious, persuasive and seductive, he plays shy to conquer. He knows how to attract the attention of men and women – a natural competitor.

Brincando com Fogo Brasil | Conheça os novos participantes e suas missões 2
(Credit: Nikhol Esteras/Netflix)

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