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Bruce Miller, creator of The Handmaid's Tale series, is featured on the first day of Rio2C


Big names in audiovisual, music and innovation participated in the first day of the Rio2C – RioCreative Conference.

The first keynote was with the award-winning creator, screenwriter and producer of the series “The Handmaid’s Tale”, Bruce Miller, which aired and commented on excerpts from the series, based on the homonymous novel by Margaret Atwood (who even participates in film sets). About the second season – which doesn't have a book to base it on – Miller says he is comfortable, but challenged. After all, he doesn't want to be the guy who messed up The Handmaid´s Tale. “I want Margaret Atwood to like me!” he said.

Promotion of 'The Handmaid's Tale' at Rio2c | Image: Bruno de Lima

Another important international attraction was the lecture by the Marvel executive, cut lane. He addressed the brand's concern to increasingly reach the female audience and announced the launch of a new design aimed primarily at this niche: the Marvel Super Hero Adventure. Marvel aims to grow and reach new audiences with “real characters for a real world”.

Cut Lane | Image: Rogério Rezende

The panel “We can make it work” brought together sound engineering giants on stage at Rio2C. The music curator at Rio2C, Zé Ricardo, announced – quite emotional – the participants: Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop), Geoff Emerick (The Beatles) and Moogie Canazio (João Gilberto, Maria Bethânia, Caetano Veloso). Productions by each of the engineers were auditioned. Ed Cherney chose “I can't make you love me” by Bonnie Raitt. Geoff Emmerick chose “Golden Slumbers / Carry that weight / The end” by Rick Harrington. And Moogie Canazio selected a classic theme produced especially for Yamaha's anniversary. The conversation also turned to the habits of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and even João Giberto, when recording. In a relaxed atmosphere, everyone paid tribute to Geoff, who, with his pioneering spirit, opened several doors for different generations of sound engineers.

Panel We can make it work | Image: Murilu Dantas

Two other important names in the music market participated in the event. John J. Petrocelli, CEO and founder of Bulldog Digital Media, spoke about the livestreaming business. Bulldog DM's work includes experiences for 40 music festivals, as well as serving clients such as CocaCola, Nestlé, AmericanExpress, Facebook and Sony.

The renowned music critic Bob Lefsetz debated who dominates the music market. Would it be the artists or the public demand? He even reflected on how the ways of music were revolutionized by the arrival of new technologies.

In the area of innovation, the writer and producer Fred Ritchin, dean of the International Center of Photography (NY) spoke about digital imaging and unconventional narratives. Then he participated in a table with Zahra Rasool (Al Jazeera Digital) and Thaddeus Jungle (JungleBee) about documentaries in virtual reality (360 degrees). Other topics of the tip were: blockchain, Brazilian production of XR, urban mobility and rethinking education through games.

In a humorous keynote, Glasco Chance talked about his trajectory in game programming, the success of the franchise of his most famous game, the Call of Duty. How he got tired of making versions of the game for years and years, and how he now works remotely, thinking about virtual reality solutions for corporations. What's more, with a strong accent, he told in Portuguese that he moved to Rio de Janeiro, and currently practices jiu-jitsu and lives in Glória.

The Minister of Culture, Sergio Sá Leitão, also spoke at the event, with the theme “Cultura Gera Futuro”. He presented the 2018 programs and actions to promote the development of the creative economy in Brazil, in the audiovisual, games and entertainment segments.

Closing the day, directors and producers spoke on the panel “Prime Time TV Globo: Out-of-series productions!”, covering the cases “Under Pressure”, “Os Carceireiros” and “13 days away from the sun”. On stage at Rio2C: the production director Ana Gabriela, Andrea Barata Ribeiro (O2), Waddington Andrucha and Gustavo Baldoni (Conspiracy Films), Caio Gullane (Gullane Filmes) and the director José Eduardo Belmonte.



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