Wednesday, 29, June, 2022

BRZRKR | Keanu Reeves' work arrives in Brazil via Panini

The Panini Publishing House launches this March in Brazil volume 1 of the work BRZRKR. A highly successful title in the United States, which has sold over 600,000 copies, becoming the second best-selling comic there, behind only Star Wars #01.

The comic made available by Panini, which will have three volumes published in all, has a script written by the actor Keanu Reeves beside Matt Kindt and with the art of Ron Garney. The person responsible for the artwork's cover illustration is the Brazilian Rafael Grampa, who has participated in other projects of the Marvel and DC Comics.


Half man and half God, cursed and compelled to violence. This is the man known simply as Berzerker. But after wandering the world for millennia, Berzerker may have finally found refuge, working for the US government while fighting battles too violent and dangerous for anyone else. In return, he will receive the one thing he wants: the truth about his infinite, blood-soaked existence and how to end it! 


Frequency: Special

Format: 17×26 cm

Distribution Type: National

Age Rating: 14 years

Number of pages: 128

Cover Type: Card

Price: R$ 32.90

The HQ can be purchased at Panini Shop, through single purchase, bookstores and specialized stores for the value of R$ 32.90


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