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Caetano O'Maihlan launches an interpretation course on the Chubbuck technique

With success in 20 years of career, Caetano O'Maihlan launches an interpretation course on the Chubbuck technique

The actor Caetano O'Maihlan, who currently gives life to the philistine Quedés, in a soap opera by Record TV, “Reis”, has projects not only in the theater with the Tapa Group, but also launched last Tuesday (10), a course on the technique Chubbuck.

On his Instagram, the artist gave some tips on acting: “Without a goal, we do not act in a powerful way, neither on stage nor in life. Without knowing what you want, what is your emotional need that leads you to act in a certain situation, you will always act randomly, superficially, or even copy the way of acting of someone you admire (...) what the character wants, you will naturally improvise with ways to get that.”, he explained. click here to check out the video.

Born in São Paulo and raised in Paraíso, where he currently lives, O' Maihlan began his career at a very young age. At the age of 18 he took his first steps as a model and went through countries such as New York, Italy, Paris, London and Japan. During the trips, the artist was able to get to know different cultures and acquire a lot of knowledge, that's how he learned to speak other languages such as English, French and even Japanese.

At the age of 21, Caetano decided to move to Rio de Janeiro where he lived for 16 years, dedicating himself to the opportunities that arose. He graduated from the Célia Helena Theater School, CAL (Laranjeiras House of Arts) and graduated in Chubbuck technique, having studied at Studio Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles. In fact, the actor teaches classes with this technique and also works at the psychology clinic run by his wife, Priscilla Tavares. He helps patients with social phobia, mania, trichotillomania, among other diagnoses, through acting.

“Growing up in an artist's house brought me poetry, music, a place of art, the possibility of recreating this overwhelming world of everyday life. I chose to act to remember the ability to transform and recreate the world through expression. It inspired me to go back to the essence and drink from the fountain of life.” declares Caetano O'Maihlan.

The actor's 20-year career is marked by great moments and he has a strong curriculum. Starting with the telenovelas, Caetano was present in “Eterna Magia” (2007), “Viver a Vida” (2009-2010), “Insensato Coração” (2011) and Além do Tempo (2015), on TV Globo; “Water in the Mouth” (2008), in the Band; “King David” (2012), “Joseph of Egypt” (2013), “Miracles of Jesus” (2014), “Promised Land” (2016), “Genesis” (2021) and is cast in “Kings” (2022) , both are productions of the Record network.

Caetano also participated in the series “Sítio do Pica-pau Amarelo”, Acampamento de Férias (2009), on TV Globo; “A Lei e o Crime” (2009) and “Council Guardianship” (2018), on Record; and “The Secret Life of Couples” (2019), on HBO. In cinema, he acted in “Real – O Plano por Trás da História” (2017) and Copa 181 (2017).

Among the remarkable episodes in his history, he says that parading for Armani, a famous Italian brand, and seeing great personalities such as Samuel L. Jackson and Arnold Swachnegger in the audience, was exciting. About the next projects, O' Maihlan confirms that at the end of “Reis”, the show “Papa Highirte”, written by Oduvaldo Vinna Filho, known as Vianinha, will premiere. The assembly is by Grupo Tapa and will be presented in São Paulo. Caetano O'Maihlan will share the stage with his colleague, actor Zé Carlos Machado.

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