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Start Books News  'Caixa de Pássaros' terá sequência em novo livro

 'Bird Box' will have sequel in new book

The thriller Bird Box has continuation confirmed by Josh Malerman. Entitled 'Malorie', the sequence takes place eight years after the events of the first book

Launched in 2015 by Intrinsic, Bird Box already sold more than 200 thousand copies in Brazil and became a phenomenon when it won adaptation for Netflix. Starring Sandra Bullock, Bird Box was seen by over 45 million users in just one week. The plot, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, will win another book. Josh Malerman is writing Maloriesequence scheduled to launch on October 1 in the United States. In Brazil, the book will be published by Intrinsic, yet to be defined.

In a narrative full of mystery and suspense, Bird box tells the frightening story of a world infested by mysterious creatures. In an inexplicable outbreak, everyone who looks at them commits suicide. To survive, Malorie and her two young children live in hiding. When news emerges of a safe place far away, the family needs to paddle for days on a dangerous river, blindfolded.

 'Caixa de Pássaros' terá sequência em novo livro 1
Capa americana de ‘Malorie’

Malorie it takes place eight years after the events of the first book, when the family leaves the safe place and needs to find a new way to survive. In an interview with Esquire magazine, Josh Malerman revealed that, after watching the film, he wanted to find out what happened after the final events, so he started writing Malorie. When the question arose whether the origin of the creatures would be revealed, Josh did not want to reveal much, but replied that more details will be given to both the protagonist and the creatures.

Josh Malerman is also the author of A House at the Bottom of a Lake and Red Piano. The latter has a film adaptation in development with production by Scott Free, company of renowned director Ridley Scott. There is still no premiere date for the film.


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