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Returnable shoes contribute to more sustainability in the fashion world

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The fashion industry grows significantly every year, but its development causes impacts on the environment. A survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2019 called Pulse of the Fashion Industry, pointed out that by 2030 the global apparel and footwear industry will grow by 81%, producing 102 million tons of garments that will put an unprecedented strain on the planet's resources. 

In order to reduce the impact on nature, some fashion companies are already adopting measures that value sustainability. THE Good wave, a brand specializing in comfortable shoes, has developed a returnable footwear collection in partnership with media giant Discovery. When these products are no longer suitable for use, they can be returned and recycled by Boaonda, becoming new goods.

Boaonda's marketing coordinator, Letícia Vaccari, says that the partnership came about thinking about the post-isolation moment, when people returned to nature to explore, play sports, walk and relax. “It is really possible to step out of the house and explore all this nature that we have available. Of course, with great care, a lot of awareness, thinking about sustainability as a fundamental factor”, she declares.

How to properly dispose of shoes

According to Letícia Vaccari, the action encourages consumers to use the products from the Boaonda + Discovery collection until they understand that they no longer have a useful life or cannot be donated. “After that, the consumer can contact Boaonda to return the product to the factory and thus receive exclusive benefits”, explains the marketing coordinator. 

The project ensures that products end up correctly, being disposed of in the right way or recycled to create new branded products. “The items will not be placed in the trash, running the risk of ending up in landfills, dumps or in nature, becoming polluting items”, assures Letícia Vaccari.

Only Discovery models – Evo, Flow and Soft – can be collected and recycled. According to Letícia, they are once again the raw material for new products in the sustainable Hope line, which has at least 60% of its composition in recycled material. All the brand's products are recyclable, but reverse logistics started with Discovery models. 

When the time comes to get rid of the shoes, it is necessary to contact us via email ([email protected]) to inform about the product, send photos and request a return to the Boaonda factory. Then, a code and the step-by-step will be made available for the consumer to send the items. 

According to Letícia, when they arrive at the factory, the shoes go through the cleaning process until they are ready to be raw materials again. In addition to contributing to the preservation of the environment, customers who return products receive special discounts on the Boaonda website.

Discovery Collection

The collaboration between Boaonda and Discovery resulted in three shoe models that have male and female versions. They are ideal for moments of walking, sport and relaxation, as they have technology comfortech, are flexible and free of carcinogenic materials. For those who want extra comfort, the Evo and Flow Discovery can be upgraded with a separate insole available.

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