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Call of Duty | All you need to know about Season One of Call of Duty: Vanguard

Conquer All Fronts - Vanguard gets into the mood in Pacific with a new Battle Pass and new weapons, Operators, maps and more.


Conquer all fronts and discover this secret in the first season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, a great introduction – and a great island – to the amazing new year for Call of Duty – complete with free weapons, maps, Operators and more content, especially for Vanguard owners.

First season

Season 1 will kick off on December 8th, following updates from Vanguard and Warzone. The Vanguard update is scheduled for December 7th at 2:00 am GMT (9PM PT on the 6th). In Warzone, the update happens when the title shuts down its servers, in Brasília time, from 2:00 am on December 8th to 2:00 am on December 9th.

Season One will be packed with Multiplayer, Zombies and Warzone Pacific content, as well as innovations in the Battle Pass system and 24 hour exclusive early access to the new Caldera map for all players who own a copy of Vanguard. Below is everything the fan needs to know about Season One.

Overview of Vaguard and Warzone

- Who has Vanguard drops before December 8 – Vanguard-owning players will be able to experience the new Pacific map, Caldera, a day early. Rebirth Island will remain active during this period for all other Warzone players. For more details you can access this link.

– The Battle Pass: Even Better – Three functional weapons, two Multiplayer Perks, new gear in Vanguard, as well as other free items in the Tiers and dozens of other items in the full Battle Pass

– The Tips of the Three-Pronged Spear – The Trident SOTF is poised to cross the Pacific, with Francis “Kai” Lanakila arriving first in the Season One Battle Pass.

Prepare for a new war with the Battle Pass

The Vanguard and Warzone Season One Battle Pass has been set to set a new standard in both the free Battle Pass System and the full Battle Pass bringing access to up to 100 Tiers. During the first season, the player can earn a lot just by playing, or get even more by purchasing the full Battle Pass:

– Three Free Functional Weapons. Two New Perks. New Equipment. All free.

– Over 30 free items, including some for Clans – 300 COD Points, Weapon Blueprints and more. Anyone who joins Clans with friends can earn even more and team up to get 10% global XP boost.

– First Trident Operator: Francis “Kai” Lanakila – Operator will automatically unlock at tier 0 when purchasing the Battle Pass

– Legendary skin “Battleprepped”, for marksman Polina Petrova. Free with Battle Pass Bundle – by purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle to gain access to 100 tiers, you can jump to Tier 20, and grab this menacing new skin for Polina.

Introducing SOTF Trident, led by Francis “Kai” Lanakila at Tier 0

Francis “Kai” Lanakila was Butcher's first support in the Axis hunt in Caldera. Francis can be shown off as Wade Jackson, but he's a quick learner and always fights to help those in need – but always with his looks intact. His favorite weapon is the Cooper Carbine, one of the three new ones in the Season One Battle Pass; which can be used to upgrade these 20 XP levels of Operator progression, including bonus XP, two new skins, and a “Kalua” Pork weapon pendant, among other rewards. This Operator and his default skin are automatically unlocked at tier 0 when purchasing the Season One Battle Pass.

Also: Pack Skin Bonus and other instant rewards

Tier 0 also offers instant rewards when purchasing a Battle Pass:

– “Alleyway” skin for Arthur Kingsley

– Season One XP Boost

– 45 minute double weapon XP token

Later in the season: Reinforcements from Trident Lewis Howard and Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes

During season one, all Trident members will be making their appearance in Warzone Pacific, Multiplayer and Zombies, starting with Lewis Howard before the end of the year. After the New Year, the Trident will be complete when close combat expert (CQB) Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes joins the fray.

Get Lewis and Isabella in Their Own Packs, scheduled for release in season one. Those who have all three Trident members and level them to 20 will receive special gold outfits as well as some incredibly tough Diamond Operator Skins if they max out all 12 Operators from the other four Task Forces.

PlayStation Exclusive Combat Pack*

Gain a competitive edge with the Season One Match Pack, free to PlayStation®Plus members starting in December, to celebrate the inaugural season of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. The Combat Pack includes: an Epic Skin for Lucas Riggs, the Blue Glitz Shotgun Legendary Weapon Blueprint with 10 Attachments, the Mermaid Scale Legendary Melee Weapon Blueprint, an Epic Emblem, Clock, Sticker and Card Visits, and a 60-minute Double XP Token.

Five new free weapons in Season One, including three in the Battle Pass System

For the first time in Call of Duty history, players will receive not just two, but three functional weapons free of charge in the Seasonal Battle Pass system. And later this season, a new SMT and an additional melee weapon will give players some great melee combat options after completing their respective challenges or getting their hands on one of their Weapon Projects.

Cooper Carbine: Assault Rifle (Launch, Step 15 of Battle Pass)

An American hybrid rifle with SMT properties. The Cooper Carbine Short Range Assault Rifle is easy to control with rapid fire. Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle: Sniper Rifle (Launch, Step 31 of Battle Pass). A heavy semi-automatic rifle, Gorenko delivers the most damage per shot of all firearms, capable of taking down any enemy with one shot in Multiplayer. Despite being semi automatic, the shots in the sequence can be more difficult due to its strong recoil.

Sawtooth: Melee (Release, Step 37 of Battle Pass)

The first functional melee weapon to appear in the Battle Pass system, bringing a powerful bite. With shark teeth along its body, Sawtooth can take down and slash enemies just as well as the FS Fighting Knife.

Katana: Melee (Release)

This single-edged long Japanese sword adds another deadly melee combat option alongside the FS Fighting Knife and Sawtooth.

Welgun: SMT (In Season)

A prototype developed by Captain Butcher's SOE, the Welgun arrives in the arsenal of Vanguard, despite having been made in limited quantity.

Battle Pass Highlights: Weapon Designs, 1330 COD Points and More

Over 120 items available to unlock via the free Battle Pass system and all 100 Battle Pass tiers in season one, including multiple tiers that stack rewards two for one, with one exclusive to Vanguard and one to Vanguard and Warzone. These items include Highlight Intro and JMV Highlights, the latter involving a cheesy or warped edge effect around an enemy as they watch their death.

Weapons Projects

Players looking to upgrade their Weaponry can prepare to pick up more than a dozen Weapon Blueprints in the Battle Pass, including:

  • Epic Assault Rifle Project “Headhunter” (Tier 5)
  • Legendary ML Project “Dirtdigger” (Free for Clans at Tier 55)
  • Legendary Marksman Rifle “Gargoyle” (Tier 71)
  • Legendary Pistol “Bullseye” (Free at Tier 81)

Operator Skins

Special forces are prepared for the Pacific with new skins:

  • Skin Halima “Desert Cover” (Tier 10)
  • Skin Shigenori “Konara” (Tier 20)
  • Skin Polina “Rising Legend” (Tier 90)

These Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints and other Weaponry and Player Profile items are bundled with some COD Points: 300 in the Free Tiers of Battle Pass system and another 1000 in the Full Pass. Also add two Vanguard Multiplayer Perks and a Lethal Grenade for Weaponry – all free – and the player will have plenty of rewards to earn beyond Tier 95 and Tier 100.

Step 95 and 100: light the inner Operator's flame

The Season One Battle Pass ends with an explosion of Legendary content, starting with the “Hold the Line” weapon blueprint for a new Marksman Rifle within the Battle Pass, available at Tier 95. And then a few more Legendary items. in the next tiers – including 100 COD Points for free at tier 98 – a level reward for a hero who reaches tier 100:

– “Awoken” Francis Legendary Skin

– “Harvester” Assault Rifle Legendary Weapon Project

– Title, emblem and pendant

What's in store at Pacific: Packages

In addition to the first pack for Welgun and Katana, along with operators Francis and Isabella, the first season will feature a slew of new Store content, including the first Vanguard Pro Pack, the Skull Collector Pro Pack. Mastercrafts also arrive in Vanguard before the end of the year, starting with the Fire Starter Mastercraft Pack. Afterwards, those who enjoy hand-to-hand combat can take advantage of the Mastercraft Retreat Pack. In addition, Vanguard's starter packs feature many of the hits from the past few seasons, including Tracer Pack: Blue Thunder Bundle and Noble Death Bundle.

Vanguard Multiplayer Overview

– Get ready for Paradise, a new map in the Pacific, and remember your strategies Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 on Radar.

– Control returns, and a new mode will arrive during the season.

New Maps, Including the MW3 remake of Dome, Radar

  • Paradise (Release)
  • Radar (Launch)

Control Returns (In the launch window)

Known as a popular competitive game mode in Call of Duty, Control returns in Vanguard.

The mode combines the life limit of Find and Destroy with the Conflict Zone objectives and gameplay focused on kills and kills. Two teams take turns defending two fixed capture zones on the map with limited lives. Attackers must capture both zones or eliminate defenders before time runs out.

Another mode with more spawns is also coming back, especially for veterans of Modern Warfare.

Zombies in Vanguard

– Prepare for the Purge and new pacts. A new challenge to conquer at launch, as well as 14 new ways to use Hearts of Sacrifice.

– New Weapons and Challenges. Five new weapons bring launchers into battle, and complete Career Challenges and Seasonal Challenges to earn unique rewards.

– Tome of Rituals, Support Kill Series, new area, festive updates and more. Upgrade your artifacts to access Dark Aether abilities, discover the secrets of Von List's lab, and create new support tools.

New Objective, Pacts, Weapons and Challenges

New Objective: Purge

Eradicate Augmentors from this plane in the new objective in “Der Anfang.” These ethereal wurms feed on Kortifex's dimensional energy, and can only be stopped by capturing powerful Runes of Control. Caution: Augmentors spawn waves of enemies as a defense mechanism.

14 New Pact Upgrades

– Brimstone: Deals damage to nearby enemies (Rare/Epic/Legendary).

– Deadshot: Aim causes the crosshairs to lock onto enemies' heads. Bonus damage on first critical hit on each enemy. Removes weapon wobble (Rare/Epic Rarity).

– Dead Wire: Stuns enemies (Rare, Epic Rarity). Stuns nearby enemies and enemies (Legendary).

– Scrapper: Gain additional rewards in pickups (Rare/Epic Rarity). Earn additional rewards on pickups and objectives (Legendary).

– Swift Vengeance: Deal more damage the faster you move. Activates shortly after starting to move. Shoot while running (Rare, Epic rarity). Activates immediately when moving (Legendary).

Heavy Weapons Are Here – Guns and Shooters Coming

The new weapons this season – The Copper Carbine, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, and the Sawtooth Melee Weapon – will become available as Loadouts on Zombies once unlocked via the Battle Pass.

New Seasonal and Career Challenges in Zombies

Earn unique Calling Cards and XP bonuses as you conquer new Zombies career challenges during Season One, which will offer new ways to test your undead combat skills in “Der Anfang.”

Zombie players can also unlock and complete 20 new seasonal challenges at the start of the season to earn even more XP and calling cards.

Coming Soon: The Tome of Rituals, New Area, Support Drop Series, Holiday Updates, and more

Treyarch is preparing new updates for after the new year, which will bring more features:

– The Tome of Rituals. Your artifacts will gain more power through the tome, giving you more Dark Aether abilities to aid your survival.

– Von List's office. Few know what Von List hides in his chambers, but it may offer clues to Kortifex's plans. Dark secrets may be waiting beyond a mysterious portal...

– Support casualty series. The devastating Warmachine and Deathmachine will be ready to help you end the rotting masses, as long as you have the right items in the Crafting Table.

- And more.

The Prestige Season Arrives: Season One Challenges and Events

Season One marks the arrival of the holidays, as does a lot of free content that accompanies the New Year.

At the start of the season, your Season Level resets to 1 and your progress starts from the highest prestige level you have reached – three if you reached the highest level in the pre-season period.



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