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Cancellations, renewals and uncertainties surround the world of American TV and web series

List of renovations and premieres, exceeds 65 productions, while cancellation borders 32 titles and uncertainties, nine. Broadcasters guarantee that the reason for cancellations is to give chances to news in their schedules

Every year, upfronts, weekly events of presentations of the programming grid of certain channels open for the next season, there in the United States. As we already reported here on Thunder, the channel The CW already confirmed their renewals. However, TV stations do not live just from renovations.

In the past week, the guillotine has gone real and official in major American studios and TV stations. The kind without mercy or pity, series that nobody expected, were canceled. In the first twenty-four hours alone, there were about twenty cancellations, almost one series per hour and the goal is to make room for other news.

At Fox, titles like The Mick, The Last Man on Earth and The Exorcist, based on the classic film and starring the Mexican actor and formerRDB Alfonso Herrera, did not win a third season. The series Lucifer was the one that most shocked the fans (the so-called lucifans). After receiving the cancellation status after the third season, the fans decided to sign a petition for other broadcasters or digital platforms to continue with the production, but so far, the popular commotion has not had much effect.

Cancelamentos, renovações e incertezas, rondam o mundo dos seriados americanos na TV e web 1
Actor Tom Ellis starred Lucifer in the eponymous series | Photo / Playback: Fox

The opposite of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, also from Fox. The series that had been canceled was rescued by NBC. The station took the best in the dispute with the streams Hulu (who for God's sake, comes to Brazil!) and Netflix it's the TBS Channel. Dana Walden, CEO gives Fox, celebrated that the sitcom police officer has won a “new house”, stating that the series was already expected to take these directions. "We are very happy for the whole team in the series“, said at a press conference to upfronts.

Dana also reported that a number of reasons led B99 canceled, including the acquisition of the Thursday Night Football, sports program that broadcasts football matches. "There was no right place to schedule the series on the schedule“, Declared the CEO, who stressed that the new sports program entered the schedule of the series created by Michael Shur.

Sunday nights were also considered so that Brooklyn Nine-Nine continued to be on display, given the good performance that the production obtained when it went from Thursday to Sunday, but Walden chose to give way to the animation series Bob's Burgers. “We didn't have a place to schedule the show this year. The sitcom performed better on Sunday, but we wanted to give that time to Bob's Burgers as an opportunity for growth“, Finished Dana Walden.

Cancelamentos, renovações e incertezas, rondam o mundo dos seriados americanos na TV e web 2
The Brooklyn series NIne-Nine, formerly Fox, was canceled by the former broadcaster and rescued by NBC | Photo / Playback: Fox / Internet

At the ABC Studios, the seven years of Scandal, starring the actress Kerry Washington, came to an end with a flourish, entitled to episode crossover with How to Get Away With Murder and the participation of Viola Davis in the shoes of the criminal lawyer Annalize Keating. Once Upon a Time, The Middle, The Mayor, Ten Days in the Valley, Alex Inc., Deception, The Crossing, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World and Inhumans, were also canceled - some of them didn't even get another chance to develop their plots and the first one became the last season.

Designated Survivor, a political drama / suspense of good quality, did not resist popular taste and received cancellation status after its second season - its episodes are on Netflix due to the purchase of reproduction rights for countries other than the USA. Quantum, ends its journey after the third season. Neither of these two were redeemed by other broadcasters and / or platforms streaming.

Cancelamentos, renovações e incertezas, rondam o mundo dos seriados americanos na TV e web 3
ABC Studios' Designated Surviror series starring Kiefer Sutherland, canceled after its second year of exhibition | Photo / Playback: ABC Studios

The networks NBC and CBS they also canceled some of their productions. At first, The Night Shift, Shades of Blue, Taken, Great News, The Brave and Rise. On Monday, 9JKL, Me, Myself and I, Scorpion, Kevin Can Wait, Superior Donuts, Living Biblically and Wisdom of the Crowd. For both, some other titles are still in uncertain status, with or without the possibility of increasing the number of canceled productions. Despite 10 renovations, The CW no longer interested in Value and Life Sentence.

A broadcaster does not live only from cancellations, after all, the team that is winning, does not move, at least, as the saying goes. Among the broadcasters mentioned above, some series were “saved by the bell” due to audience ratings or popular appeal. How to Get Away With Murder, black-ish, Grey's Anatomy, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Modern Family, The Good Doctor, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Hawaii Five-O, Mom, NCIS, NCIS: Orlando, NCIS: New Orleans, The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, 9-1-1, Empire, The Simpsons, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, The Good Place, This is Us and Will & Grace, are examples of some series that have been renewed - among them, some with an announcement of early renewal as well as, renewal for the end of production.

Cancelamentos, renovações e incertezas, rondam o mundo dos seriados americanos na TV e web 4
Actress Viola Davis as criminal lawyer Annalize Keating in How to Get Away With Murder. The ABC network guaranteed the series the fifth year | Photo / Playback: ABC Studios

For next year, there are premieres that had been confirmed over the past year for that year and also, 2019. This is the case for the eighth and final season of game of Thrones, gives HBO and the third season of Stranger Things, gives Netflix - the latter, guaranteed at least until the fourth season. Also from the giant streaming, for this year, Orange is the New Black, with two more seasons to come, totaling seven. 13 Reasons Why and Glow for May and June, respectively and the remake futuristic Lost in Space, for next year.

Some of the series cited and not mentioned in this post, were not, are not and probably will not be shown in Brazil for streams original and / or open TV channels or by subscription. The final balance of entertainment in the world of American series, add up to more than 65 renovations, about 32 cancellations and only nine uncertain series, approximately. And the list can still grow.


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