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Letters To… | Brazilian documentary provokes dialogues with the diaspora and creates a bridge between Portuguese-speaking countries


Three countries, three authors and the same evolving language. With this premise, the documentary Letters to… directed by baiana Vânia Lima, proposes a bridge between Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal through the exchange of intercontinental letters written by Elisa Lucinda, Brazil, Raquel Lima, Portugal and Paulina Chiziane, Mozambique, the first woman to publish a novel in the African country and winner of the last edition of the Camões Prize.

During the 80 minutes of production, the film will be driven by the letters exchanged between the writers addressing the themes Voice, Body and Time revealing life experiences and the bond with the diaspora through history and the similarities, differences and connections between Elisa, Raquel and Paulina. “It is they, the letters, that lead the spoken and unspoken narratives of the documentary, with each act/theme we dive into the layers of women's existence and their challenges to occupy the place of creators”, comments the screenwriter and director of the work.

Sequels of the film have already been shot in Brazil and Portugal and the team is now recording the actions in Mozambique surrounded by expectations. “Mozambique is a country that embraced us and where we were able to understand even more about Brazil and our society. They are daily learning and constant exchanges about life and creation carried out by women”, highlights Lima.

In Mozambique, the producer of the project Sheila Saiete explains that not only language unites countries, “it is a joy to produce a work made with our Paulina and with all the Mozambican women who contributed to this mosaic of artists in our country, more than ever in Letters to… we see that we have a society historically, socially and culturally linked to Brazil”.

Executive produced by Keyti Souza and Taguay Tayussy, photography direction Claudio Antonio, and sound of Gabriela Damasceno Letters to… is produced by Lima Comunicação, a production company that is part of the audiovisual group have palm oil scheduled to launch in 2023, distribution of Spear Movies and has resources from Ancine's Sectorial Fund.



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