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Blind Marriage Brazil | 5 female stereotypes broken in reality show

The newly released Brazilian version of blind marriage, reality show available on Netflix, has raised numerous debates. Can "happily ever after" really be the result of a simple passion provoked by conversations that take place behind walls without eye contact? More than that, “Marriage à Cegas” reveals that women today are not like they used to be. Now the men…

Deborah De Mari, one of the 100 most influential people in gender research in the world and founder of strength girls, an educational platform that develops in girls the skills they need to take on the opportunities of the 21st century, raises five gender stereotypes broken in the program. “Marriage à Cegas Brasil, which promises to put the myth of romantic love in check, draws much more attention to the unexpected or desperate behavior of men and women in search of great love. That's where we see the clichés of gender dissipate”, says the researcher.

Déborah, who is also creator of the Change the World as a Girl award, which takes place on 10/23 and highlights girls aged 13 to 21 and their projects to change the world and helps them with training and mentoring to go even further , writes in his analysis that if the gender was blind, the attitudes allowed most of the participants to switch roles.

Get to know the 5 aspects that caught the attention of the girl women's rights activist.

(This text contains spoilers from the first 5 episodes).

Women are romantic, men are logical

Tall, dark and friendly, the Iranian Shayan Haghbinghomi immediately draws the participants' attention with his gringo accent. Despite persistent questions, he hides the game about his nationality until the second meeting. 

Easy to talk to, he immediately connects with model and solo mother Ana Prado. In the conversation between the two, he highlights the importance of respect; she speaks out right away that a relationship with her has to include her daughter. Shayan returns from the meeting excited, and when he finds himself in the company of the other boys, he says loudly that he has already found his chosen one and that the affinities and connection were immediate. Ana describes him as the most interesting person who talked.

in the game of reason versus In addition to emotion, the women on the show clearly seek to rationalize affinities, while the men are mostly guided by appearances. By their own account, they seem disoriented without an adequate emotional compass to react to the game, or embarrassed, pretending to appear. 

This dynamic is repeated in other meetings, such as Ana Terra and Mack (dismissed), Dayane Feitosa and Rodrigo Vaisemberg.

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