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Pokémon | Casio launches in Brazil watch inspired by the character Pikachu

Features include design inspired by the Pikachu silhouette in a camouflage pattern. In addition, the new model has special packaging inspired by the iconic Poké Ball.

The Casio, has just announced to Brazil the launch of the clock BA-110PKC, produced in partnership with the famous entertainment franchise, The Pokémon Company. The model is a new addition to the line BABY-G of impact-resistant women's watches. The entire BA-110PKC bracelet features a camouflage pattern inspired by the female Pikachu with a heart-shaped tail.

Pokémon | Casio lança no Brasil relógio inspirado no personagem Pikachu 1

The hour and minute hands evoke the face of the Pikachu and the silhouette of the character's tail on the passer-by of the bracelet. The design also brings the image of Pikachu with subtle details such as the silhouette of the pink tail. In addition, the hour and minute hands also resemble the face of the series protagonist.

Pokémon | Casio lança no Brasil relógio inspirado no personagem Pikachu 2

This exclusive model also comes in a special packaging inspired by Poké Ball and engraved image of the character on the back of the box.

Successful collab

Last year, to celebrate the 25 years of the BABY-G brand, Casio also launched a collaboration model with Pikachu, the 25th Pokémon in the Pokédex. This birthday clock featured a painting style reminiscent of the game art of the 90s, when BABY-G and Pokémon were first launched and design elements inspired by the character across the digital clock were well received throughout the world. world.

This second collaboration, BA-110PKC, is an analog-digital clock that represents the active image of BABY-G. Among the specifications, it is possible to mention the resistance to impacts, to water (100 meters), world time with 29 time zones, stopwatch of 1/100 of seconds, timer, 5 daily alarms with a snooze alarm, signaling every hour, full automatic calendar (until the year 2099), 12/24 hour format, LED light with back brightness, accuracy at normal temperature, about 2 years of battery life, case size 46.3 × 43.4 × 15.8mm and total weight of approximately 45g.

The BA-110PKC has a suggested price of R$ 1.299. For more details regarding the model, access on here.

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