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Von Richthofen case | Story will be told in 2 simultaneous films that premiere on the same day

Based on the case file, 'The Girl Who Killed My Parents' and 'The Boy Who Killed My Parents' will be shown in alternate sessions.

The history of Von Richthofen case will be told in two films, which will premiere simultaneously in 2020 and will be shown in alternate sessions in the same rooms. An unprecedented format in world cinema, the two versions of the same story are being filmed. This was the artistic solution found by the producers to be faithful to what is narrated in the official testimonies of the then boyfriends Suzane Von Richthofen and Daniel Cravinhos.

- It is a unique case in world cinema that production of exactly the same story but with different looks. It is an opportunity for the public to analyze and come to their own conclusion about the facts. The Brazilian public has shown itself to be engaged with content like this, especially those based on real stories, we have to occupy this space and offer the viewer works with quality and respect - says Gabriel Gurman, CEO of Galeria Distribuidora.

As the production of the film has no relation to the perpetrators of the crime, everything that will be seen on the screens is based on the case file. Those involved in the crime did not receive production money, nor will they receive it at launch. In addition, the film is produced without public money. One hundred percent of the money invested is from the producers themselves, Santa Rita Movies (producer), the Distribution Gallery (co-producer and distributor) and Telefilm Group (co-producer).

- We have the same story told in two versions of the crime and, what few people know, behind the scenes of the crime. Everything officially narrated during the process and especially at the trial - explains the producer of Santa Rita Filmes, Marcelo Braga. - The Brazilian has been watching films and series about stories like these produced abroad. There is an interest in this matter that is natural. It is a way of confronting ourselves with aspects of the human being that we reject, but that are there, we cannot deny.

- We have discussed a lot internally what is true. What she says and what he says. It is true? If they are saying different things, what is the truth? One film will be Suzane's version and the other, Daniel's - details director Maurício Eça. - These are things that we discovered when reading the process, versions, sometimes of the same fact, but different.


To write these stories, producer Marcelo Braga and director of the feature Maurício Eça invited Ilana Casoy, a criminologist, consultant for audiovisual works that addresses this universe and author of books such as “Arquivos Serial Killers - Made in Brazil and Louco ou Cruel” and “ Family Cases: Richthofen and Nardoni Archives ”. Ilana has been working in partnership with the successful police author Raphael Montes. Together they form the duo Casoy and Montes.

Alongside the writers, lawyers are constant partners in the production. There is a detailed care to carry out a production independent of those involved with the crime, who will not have any participation in the production, since it is a work based on public documents. Hence the decision to base the story on the case file, which was thoroughly studied by all involved.


Carla Diaz was the choice of the director and the producers to play Suzane Von Richthofen:

- I was 12 when the crime happened - remembers Carla. - I was brought up loving my parents. So it doesn't even come into my head for a daughter to do this with her own parents. Looking at history from that point of view, taking on that role is a big challenge for me as an actress. It is such a tragic and shocking story for everyone. I really believe that stories like that cannot be forgotten.

Leonardo Bittencourt, who plays Daniel Cravinhos, was happy with the support he received from his friends in the face of the challenge of such a complex story:

- They understood the greatness of the project and were happy that I had this challenge ahead - says the actor, who remembers what he thought when he received the invitation. - The first thing that came to my mind is a phrase that we hear since school: “You learn history so you don't make the same mistakes”.


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