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Moon Knight | Find out who Ethan Hawke's character is in the Disney+ adaptation

Learn more about Ethan Hawke's villain and the religious leader he used to create his character.

Moon Knight premiered yesterday (30) at Disney +. With a positive repercussion, the miniseries based on the comics of the same name left some doubts in some younger fans and those who have never read: who is Arthur Harrow, the villain of Ethan Hawke?

Arthur Harrow in the comics

Cavaleiro da Lua | Saiba quem é o personagem de Ethan Hawke na adaptação do Disney+ 1
Image: Marvel Comics

Created by Alan Zelenetz, Doctor Arthur Harrow appeared for the first time in the second edition of Moon Knight, published in 1985. In this plot, he is presented as a talented scientist and surgeon, who has the IQ of a genius. Above-average intelligence guarantees you a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for a pain investigation.

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Arthur Harrow develops this research motivated by a disorder that he suffers, which causes him serious problems in the trigeminal nerve, responsible for the motor functions of the face. This condition eventually produces a complete paralysis of the left side of your face

in the miniseries

Cavaleiro da Lua | Saiba quem é o personagem de Ethan Hawke na adaptação do Disney+ 2
Image: Disney

Ethan Hawke, who plays the show's villain, was inspired by the story of a 1990s religious leader, David Koresh, the leader of the cult The Davidian Branch. In fiction, Hawke brings to life the guide of a mysterious cult, a man so powerful that he can make followers kneel before his presence.

Who was David Koresh?

Cavaleiro da Lua | Saiba quem é o personagem de Ethan Hawke na adaptação do Disney+ 3
Image: David Koresh

To compose this controversial character, Hawke investigated Koresh, a religious leader who had proclaimed himself the new Christ in the 1990s, emphasizing his recognized power of persuasion as chief of the Davidians.

In 1993, he managed to convince nearly 100 of his followers to protect him for 51 days, while the house where he lived was guarded by the police. The siege ended when A sudden fire at the site left more than 70 dead, with Koresh being one of the victims.

Via: Disney

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