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CCXP 2019 | Tips on how to prepare for the event


The Comic Con Experience Brasil it is organized by arenas and in these arenas there are panels with the Great Cinematographic Studios, with comic artists, illustrators, gamers, cosplays, producers, actors and directors of releases in films and series. Recalling that there are types of stands that are basically studio, for example, Warner stand, Netflix, HBO and etc. The stands of the partner brands that publicize or sponsor the event in some way and the shopping stands where you can buy things, both from big brands like Riachuelo or Faber Castell and stores that sell collector's items, comic books and so on.

But what is your schedule?

Hang out? Do some shopping? Meet the artists? Know the future productions of the studios? Watch before everyone else, trailers and movies that will be released later? Participate in the activities promoted by the stands? Cosplay during all days of the event? Or partner, chat with brands, companies, artists and etc.? Set goals so that you can do everything you expect.

How many days are you going? One, two, three or the four days? So that you can decide what to do, get organized! Everything is very far away, very crowded, there is a long line. The event is full of news and you need to keep in mind what you want to do.

It is very interesting to check the work of cartoonists and designers who are talented professionals and who deserve your attention. Don't forget the cosplays that are wonderful. But RESPECT! They are there to entertain the crowd, so ask to take a picture, especially when you are a child, as there are several very cute dressed up in something.

How to get? Keep Calm! There is a long queue and you will probably have difficulty finding a taxi or car per application. The best option is the subway, which is the Jabaquara station, blue line. You can walk to the place or you can use the “transfer”, which is a CCXP bus that will be waiting at the subway door and there are several available and they will drop you off at the CCXP door.

Then there is a line to go to the bathroom, to go to eat, to go to the panels, to the stands… so be patient. Have everything laid out in your head so you can optimize your time and get the most out of this experience. 

If you want to see everything - it's a little difficult, but you can try it - it's worth the 4 days. Going only one day is not enough to discover the attractions and news of the event.

Light an empty backpack and a lot, a lot, but a lot of money! It is difficult for you to go and not buy anything ABSOLUTELY. The stores are very attractive and they will mesmerize you and you will buy. The best day for shopping is on Thursday. Don't leave everything to the last minute because it ends.

Take a photo ID. This is extremely important. If you are a student and bought half-price, do not forget the ID card to prove it. Remember, go with water. Hydrating is good and the body thanks you. Loader. I guarantee you will need it. Take a light snack if you don't want to spend - the price is a bit steep there. However, there are many options in the food court such as vegetarian, Japanese, fast food and so on.

How should I dress? If you are a fan of any series, character, movie or something and you have a T-shirt stored at home, it's past time for you to take it out of the closet and wear it proudly at the event. What you will find most are people who are in movie t-shirts, characters and etc. Go with something comfortable on your feet too. Because your foot will hurt. That way you will be able to enjoy the four days in a good way.

Stay tuned with the schedules. And if you go with the guys, set a meeting point. But it's a meeting point. Because there's a lot there and it's very big. The event takes place between December 05 and 08, 2019. On 12/05 and 12/06 it is from 12pm to 9pm, 12/07 from 11am to 9pm and 12/08 from 11am to 8pm. do not forget the address, São Paulo Expo – Rodovia dos Imigrantes, km 1.5, Água Funda, São Paulo – SP, CEP 04123-010.

And the most important: respect the rules imposed by CCXP do Brasil, respect the people who are working there, having fun. After all, you are going to have fun, gain knowledge and experience the entertainment epic. Make the most of every minute.

Live the epic at CCXP 2019.



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