CCXP Announces Batman's 80th Anniversary Special Schedule


After a week full of bat-ads, CCXP announces special activities that are part of the official celebrations for the 80th anniversary of Batman. In its sixth edition, the biggest pop culture festival on the planet will welcome nine comic artists who helped build the story of the Batman. Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Jöelle Jones, John Romita Jr, Frank Quitely, Eduardo Risso, Alex Maleev, Lee Bermejo and Keith Giffen participate in panels and masterclasses over the four days of the event, which takes place between December 5th and 8th, at São Paulo Expo.

The first ten activities announced promise to please fans of all kinds. Anyone who wants to improve their technique and understand a little more about the work process of comic artists can participate in classes with great names in the world market: Keith Giffen (screenplay), Alex Maleev (cover), Jöelle Jones (art and screenplay), Eduardo Risso (graphic narrative) and Lee Bermejo (Character design). Those who prefer to hear stories, curiosities and debate the character's future, can't miss panels like "Batman 80th Anniversary Special" and "Batman 80th Anniversary - The Celebration".

The list of panels and masterclasses with their respective dates below. The schedules and auditoriums will be announced soon, as well as details about the photo sessions and autographs. A special page on the CCXP website brings together the entire schedule of official celebrations for the Batman's birthday. To find out what has already been released, visit:



  • Batman 80 Years Special
    Big names linked to the Batman universe take the stage for a special chat that kicks off the celebrations of this iconic character's 80th birthday!
    – Guests: Neal Adams, Frank Quitely, Jöelle Jones, Eduardo Risso, John Romita Jr, Alex Maleev and Lee Bermejo


  • Spotlight – Frank Quitely
    The Batman and Robin artist talks about work and his new projects.
    – Guests: Frank Quitely


  • Masterclass – Script
    Keith Giffen, who proved that Batman can be humorous in Justice League International, talks about writing scripts.
    – Guests: Keith Giffen


FRIDAY (6/12) 

  • Spotlight – Neal Adams
    One of the most legendary creators of Batman, who participated in the renewal of the character in the 1970s with reflections to this day, talks about his career.
    – Guests: Neal Adams


  • Masterclass - Covers
    Alex Maleev, acclaimed painter of several Batman covers, produces live art while answering fan questions about his working technique.
    – Guests: Alex Maleev



  • Batman 80 Years – The Celebration
    Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Frank Quitely, Jöelle Jones, Eduardo Risso, John Romita Jr and Lee Bermejo gathered for the definitive panel on Batman!
    – Guests: Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Frank Quitely, Jöelle Jones, Eduardo Risso, John Romita Jr and Lee Bermejo


  • Masterclass – Script & Art
    Writer and artist Jöelle Jones answers fan questions and talks about her time running Catwoman Magazine.
    – Guests: Joelle Jones


  • Masterclass – Graphic narrative
    Eduardo Risso, artist of “Batman: Punished City and 100 Bullets”, talks about the creation of comic book narratives.
    – Guests: Eduardo Risso


SUNDAY (8/12)

  • Frank Miller presents
    Frank Miller and guests gather to talk about the new projects of the author responsible for “The Dark Knight”.
    – Guests: Frank Miller and guests


  • Masterclass – Character Design
    Lee Bermejo talks about his creation process.
    – Guests: Lee Bermejo


CCXP Tickets 

3rd batch - from August 1st to December 4th 

Thursday: R$ 240.00 (whole), R$ 120.00 (half) and R$ 140.00 (social ticket).
Friday: R$ 300.00 (whole), R$ 150.00 (half) and R$ 170.00 (social ticket).
Saturday: (SOLD OUT)
Sunday: R$ 440.00 (whole), R$ 220.00 (half) and R$ 240.00 (social admission).
4 days: (SOLD OUT)
Epic: R$ 1,500.00
Full: (SOLD OUT)
Unlock (event aimed at professionals in the entertainment market): R$ 2.000,00


Dates: December 5-8, 2019
Location: São Paulo Expo (Rodovia dos Imigrantes, km 1.5, Água Funda, São Paulo - SP)



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