Monday, 23, May, 2022

CCXP Worlds 21 | Content of Maurício de Sousa's panel published

The Mauricio de Sousa Produções is a constant presence at CCXP and, in this edition, participates with various content to bring news and entertainment for fans.

On the long-awaited MSP panel, the studio will tell all the news from the gang, including comics, animation, cinema, announcements of the new MSP Graphics and much more, including an interview with Mauricio de Sousa and news about the film Monica's Gang: Lessons, which opens on December 30th.

The public will also be able to enjoy a guided tour of MSP to discover the backstage of this true dream factory, with the participation of characters from the gang and Mauricio himself, who made a cartoon dedicated to CCXP fans.

The masterclasses, CCXP's traditional content, will be dedicated to each step of the comic book creation process. The Lord of Brushes, parody of the movie series Lord of the Rings. The director Daniel Rezende, from Turma da Mônica: Bonds and Turma da Mônica: Lições, will be in a masterclass about the adaptation of these comics for the cinema.

Coinciding with the launch of the crossover between Turma da Mônica and Garfield by Panini Comics, its creators Mauricio de Sousa and jim davis participate in a chat about the production of strips, the comic book market and other curiosities.

Finally, the public will be able to follow a visit to Panini's collectible figurines factory and watch the production of stickers from the Turma da Mônica album: Lições.

In 2021, the biggest pop culture festival on the planet takes place virtually on December 4th and 5th.

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