When it was announced, the miniseries Chernobyl, of HBO, caused interest in the general public. THE plot is simple: backstage and developments after the nuclear explosion in April 1986 in the former Soviet Union. The subject alone draws attention, after all, it marked the history of humanity.

The special miniseries of just five episodes, surpassed game of Thrones and Breaking Bad in the evaluations of IMDb (Internet Movie Database), English-language portal, owned by Amazon, contained of data and evaluations about music, films, cinema, advertisements and programs for TV and electronic games. Today, it is one of the most influential sites in the world in this niche and serves as a thermometer for popular tastes.

As usual, works of entertainment always add something or remove it to make the plot more meaningful. This is very common in adaptations of books, comic books or electronic games for TV, cinema or streaming. With Chernobyl, it was no different. However, it is not something that causes any strangeness, quite the contrary. It gives a link to history and a complete sense of everything that is told in the chapters of one hour each.


  • Valery Legasov
Actor Jared Harris as scientist Valery Legasov in the miniseries Chernobyl | Photo / Playback: HBO

The series has already started in a dense way. The character played by Jared Harris, commits suicide two years after the central advent of the plot. Before you kill yourself, Legasov he recorded a series of tapes denouncing the political pressure he would have suffered to leave out of his report, pertinent information regarding the accidents caused by the explosion of the reactor. 9 years later, Legasov he was posthumously decorated as a hero of Russia.

  • Ulana Khomyuk
Ulana Khomyuk played by actress Emily Watson in the Chernobyl miniseries | Photo / Playback: HBO

The Belarusian scientist never existed. The character is a mixture of countless researchers who worked so that the situation did not take on a greater proportion, although the chaos had already set in, obviously. In the series, she was the first to suspect suspicious radioactive reading in the Minsk region and went on to investigate it on her own. It was common for women to gain prominence and titles in their professions and to hold important positions in Soviet Unionhowever, there was never a woman at the top who investigated the accident. In the miniseries, the actress Emily Watson it was who interpreted it.

  • Boris Scherbina
Actor Stellan Skarsgård plays Boris Scherbina in the miniseries Chernobyl | Photo / Reproduction: HBO

Yes, Boris in fact it existed. At the time, he served as vice president of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. The actor Stellan Skarsgård gave life to the character who ordered and coordinated the evacuation of Pripriat and also, an exclusion zone within a radius of 30 km around the plant. He was also responsible for the country's energy sources, but according to the plot, he seemed to be ignorant of all matters related to nuclear energy.

  • Anatoli Diatlov
Anatoli Diatlov is played by actor Paul Ritter in Chernobyl | Photo / Playback: HBO

Yes, it did. He was a supervising engineer for the test that caused the plant's disaster. He was tried and sentenced to ten years in prison for criminal manipulation of potentially explosive installations and was imprisoned for five years. After his release from prison, he wrote a book that reported a design failure and not a human one, where he was the main cause of the accident. The actor Paul Ritter gave life to the character

  • Vasily Ignatenko
Actor Adam Nagaitis plays firefighter Vasily Ignatenko Chernobyl, one of the first to arrive at the site of the explosion | Photo / Playback: HBO

It also existed. He was the first firefighter to respond to the first call for help, so he was one of the first to arrive at the scene to fight the fire. Because of his efforts, he received a fatal dose of radiation and died 14 days later in a hospital Moscow, capital of Russia. On the Serie, Adam Nagaitis interpreted it.

  • Lyudmilla Ignatenko
Jessie Buckley plays Lyudmilla Ignatenko, wife of firefighter Vasily Ignatenko and as in the miniseries, was pregnant with the couple's first child and lied to doctors in order to stay in the hospital where her husband was hospitalized due to high doses of radiation. | Photo / Playback: HBO

Another real character in the plot. The actress Jessie Buckley gave life to the fireman’s wife, Vasily and experienced all the drama presented in the plot. His testimony was recorded by Svetlana Alexievich, award winner Nobel Prize in Literature and author of the book Voices of Chernobyl: The Oral History of the Nuclear Disaster, published in Brazil by the publisher Company of Letters.

  • Nikolai Fomin and Viktor Bryukhanov

The first was the plant's chief engineer, Nikolai Fomin. He gave an order to Anatoly Sitnikov to go to the plant's roof to check the state of the reactor, even though it knew it could kill the employee - which, in fact, happened. Because of that, Fomin he had been removed from the communist party and sentenced to ten years in prison.

The second, Viktor Bryukhanov, was the director of the plant and just like Fomin, resisted believing the facts, even with the Sitnikov to the roof. Like his colleague, he had been expelled from the Communist party and sentenced to ten years for violating security rules and five years for abuse of power.

In the miniseries, both characters were played by Adrian Rawlins and With O'Neill, respectively.

  • Was the radiation detected in Sweden?

Yes, and this has indeed been proven. Historical documents state that it was a Swedish plant that revealed to the world the accident that occurred at the Chernobyl, while the Soviet authorities tried to cover up what happened. One of the employees at the Forsmark, located one hour Stockholm, arrived for his work shift and realizing the situation, the alarm sounded - the country's capital is 1,100 km from Chernobyl.

Radioactive particles were found in the grass around the Swedish plant and at the same time, they were identified as material for use in Soviet plants. The wind that came from the southeast and the rain, collaborated so that the radioactive materials were in terrain of the Sweden. It was then that the country alerted the population about what had happened and Moscow admitted the disaster, however, two days after the explosion.

  • Other adventures

During the five episodes, situations are shown and causes in those watching, stomach wraps - not because of the characterization of the victims shown completely disfigured - but because of the coldness of how the authorities dealt with the tragedy. Other situations are very funny, even, to give the drama a lighter tone (yes, the series is very heavy in terms of being direct, without turns).

For example: miners were called to help with the chaos containment work. They were joined by electricians, other engineers and subway workers. In a given episode, miners, in protest of working conditions, take off their clothes and work naked - which did not happen, after all, documents prove that they were dressed all the time.

Another fact that must be demystified is the fact that the helicopter breaks in mid-flight. This video does exist, however, it is a collision with a crane and not due to the approach of the helicopter with the reactor core of the plant that still burned radioactive materials, as shown in the miniseries.

Iodine tablets are constantly mentioned in episodes. It turns out that iodine is absorbed into the thyroid gland with ease. The plant dealt with iodine-131, highly radioactive material, therefore, harmful. In contact with the thyroid, it could cause cancer. The iodine tablets served as protection, neutralizer.

The city of Pripriat exist. It is a kind of village that was built in 1970 and served as a shelter for the employees and families of the plant's employees and also, other service providers directly or indirectly connected to the plant. It had about 50 thousand inhabitants and on the fateful day of April 27, 1986, it had to be evacuated. Residents had to leave everything behind. It is considered a ghost town, belonging to the exclusion zone in the Ukraine.

Chernobyl is displayed weekly on HBO and in HBO Go.



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