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Chucky | Series updates history and returns with its horror classic

Chucky follows the tone of horror known to fans of the early films, but it is also a series aimed at those who have never seen the franchise.

chucky is back, but this time as a TV series. For those who grew up watching the franchise in movie theaters, they will feel more than "venged" in being able to see the good - if you can call it that - and old Killer toy.

Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky, also writes the series which is a sequel to Cult of Chucky, the seventh film in the franchise. Even for those who have never watched anything from Toy Killer, you can rest assured that the TV series practically goes its own way, gradually introducing Chucky and all the other characters that should continue this horror story in its first episode.

The first episode, unlucky death, which is directed and scripted by Don Mancini, serves as an introduction to Chucky and his new owner, Jake Webber (Zackary Arthur), who buys the Vintage doll (retro in Jake's view) at a garage sale.

Little by little, we get to know the 14-year-old boy who has some problems with his father, in addition to being bullied at school and especially by his cousin. The series is a mixture of the original horror of 1988, with the puppet's look being darker, in addition to the series' own conception.

It won't be hard for some people not to like this, because Chucky has a very trashy side with his special effects, especially in the death scene of one of the characters in this first episode. Also, Don Mancini's retelling of his character looks like it will follow a more vindictive Chucky into wanting to kill people who are as bad as he is.

The conversation about bullying, among other more recent topics such as "be a man", "a boy who plays with a doll is a sissy" and "weirder" behavior, are well placed, showing that problems that people suffer from prejudice start much more sooner than everyone imagines.

The behavioral issues of "normal" people who feel good about tormenting others just because they have some emotional problem due to a recent loss, because of their likes and dislikes of blood, are thrown in our faces and really Chucky turns out to be that valve of the viewer's vengeful escape.

Chucky is a 10-episode series that should debate a lot the issues of adolescence, but also the way adults treat each other. Unlike what some people might say, content aimed at young people with the tone of terror is an interesting way to put parents and children in front of the TV and to be able to dialogue with the problems suffered by them and parents can also understand and learn to have this conversation so serious and necessary.

And lastly as a highlight, is that Chucky's voice is made by the original voice actor, Brad Dourif, also known as Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings, Dune, Sheriff Leigh Brackett of Halloween, among other important roles.

Thunder Wave note
Chucky follows the tone of horror known to fans of the early films, but it is also a series aimed at those who have never seen the franchise.

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