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Cinderellas Esports | They dominate games and reveal a universe marked by challenges

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Have you heard about these terms? Rainbow Six, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Smite, CrossFire... Maybe you have never heard or heard, you did not care to know what it is about. But connect, it's super easy to understand: they are electronic games or simply games that gathers a bunch of people around the world. But the question remains: are games for girls? Is it just "boy stuff"? It's fun nerd?

Games have ceased to be entertainment aimed only at the male audience for some time. According to data released in 2020 by PGB, Search Game Brazil, 73.8% of Brazilians consume electronic games on any platform and a positive point is the breaking of the stereotype that games are “boy's stuff” and shows that the largest portion within this universe here in Brazil is made up of women.

Although women have a dominant presence, traveling this path is not easy and that is due to countless 'details'. The majority of games are developed by male professionals, with mostly male characters and generally the content is more sexist, in addition we have the gap of advertisements that convey archetypes of strong and virile men, and almost undressed and sexualized women, and with this the games facilitate machismo among gamers.

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However, this universe is constantly changing. Last month, girls in the Cinderellas Esports won the Valkirias, women's tournament PUBG MOBILE and we took the opportunity to chat with Aysha, Lust, Diane, Gatenha and Maju about electronic games, challenges, achievements and what it is like to be in a position of great evidence in a sexist and sexist scenario and how family support makes a difference. Check it out below.

Cinderellas Esports | Elas dominam os games e revelam universo marcado por desafios 1

Previously, the gamer universe was mostly male. However, nowadays, this scenario has a great female presence. How was your insertion in the world of gamers?

Aysha: I started playing other games with my classmates at school, then the PUBG MOBILE it started to be more famous and then we started playing, just for fun. But I started to enjoy playing and there was a women's championship at the time, which was my first championship in a professional team and after that championship I started to dedicate myself and to grow in the scenario of PUBG MOBILE.

Lust: I played with friends, I liked it so much that I always wanted more and more, until with some friends we started playing competitive women, so an organization saw my potential and called me to the team ..

Diane: I played casually with my friends, and always tried to evolve, until I stood out and stayed in the top 3, and so, I was called to my first team.

Gatenha: I started playing PUBG MOBILE for fun and I was called to play in a team of friends from the competitive scene, I started to train and dedicate myself more in the game and several opportunities appeared in the mixed and in the feminine.

Maju: I had contact for the first time in 2018 with PUBG MOBILE through friends from school, we download for leisure and fun. From the first day I played it became something of my routine, but only in 2019 did I have contact with the competitive scenario of the game, where I created a female team in the clan of some friends. After that I never lost touch with the competitive and I am still today.

For you what is being a gamer and what is the importance of seeing women inserted in this scenario?

Aysha: Being a gamer is not an easy thing, especially if you are a woman, unfortunately there are many judgments, but we must dedicate ourselves every day and go in search of what we dream. In the scenario today for you to be known or called to a mixed team, it is very difficult, whether or not the boys use 10, 12 hours of their day training, we should use this as an example and dedicate ourselves to the maximum to show that we are capable just like them .

Lust: For me being a gamer is something very difficult, if you want to stand out, you have to fight for it, it takes a lot of time and sacrifice and even more if you are a woman, for me to see a woman winning the championship of PUBG MOBILE it is a victory even for me because I am proud, it is important to see other women as companions and not as enemies outside the game.

Diane: Being a gamer is to stop doing many things to dedicate yourself totally to the game. It is very important to have women inserted in the scenario because I think this makes it show more and more the population that women can also be where they want.

Gatenha: To be a gamer is to be and live the world of games or a specific game. Only those who are part of the community of a certain game know how much it is capable of making you discover yourself, as well as saving you from the pressure of the outside world. For women, being part of games is proving once again to society that a woman's place is where she wants to be and showing others, in practice, that our ability goes far beyond what we ourselves imagine.

Maju: In my opinion being a gamer is to dedicate time and effort to a game, either professionally or in your spare time. I believe it is extremely important to have women in the gamers scene, since I started the number of women entering the games has grown considerably, showing that we all have capacity regardless of gender.

How did the Cinderellas Esports project come about? (How were you included in this project, etc.)

Aysha: Just like the beginning of my career, I believe that Cinderellas emerged from an idea of inclusion and the way to seek results for a scenario that is often smaller or does not even exist, thinking about it the project Cinderellas gave one start, and when the project decided to enter the PUBG MOBILE, I was invited along with Diane and this made this feeling of being part of a movement like this become real and even greater!

Lust: I was introduced to the project through our coach, Cher, where he explained that it would be something totally different and aimed at the inclusion of us players who dream of being part and representing a team that has the same principles as us. And that, I believe it was the differential to make everything work, and for being a person who believes that women deserve and will still bring many titles within the PUBG MOBILE, I was called to be part of this selection, and I'm struggling to show that the choice was the best!

Diane: The invitation to take part was still at the beginning of the project PUBG MOBILE, which started from an idea to move the stage and include us players who dream of representing not only women but our country in electronic sports, during a trip I received the invitation from Gatenha, who had played with me before, to be part of along with Aysha, which for me was an honor. And even before arriving on a trip I was already super excited to play and make the project happen! 

Gatenha:  The beginning project had a lot of repercussions in our scenario, still being part of another organization, I had information that the project Cinderellas came to make a difference and show that we players can play at a high level and represent a shirt, and right at the beginning there was still the opportunity to be part of the project, and without thinking twice I accepted to be part of it! 

Maju: We were in another organization and we received the opportunity, at first there was a lot of talk because of the project Cinderellas Esports be giant. Opportunities like this that are rare, motivated us a lot to see the greatness of this project that is only at the beginning.

Do you feel supported by other girls in this scenario or is competitiveness something that predominates?

Aysha: Yes, there are many girls who support us, send messages of affection, admiration, messages of support when we have a championship. But some do not support, competitiveness will always have.

Lust: I feel that yes, there are girls who support it, but competitiveness will always have it, in the mixed and feminine, it is clearly something of the game.

Diane: There are a lot of girls who support it, and this is something that makes me very motivated.

Gatenha: Unfortunately, women-to-women support often does not happen. Several girls are not happy with the others, instead, they criticize for seeing other girls in a place of greater prominence, but I believe that it is up to the players and with that includes me in the middle, to make a difference. Build a healthy, inclusive and good scenario for everyone.

Maju: No, I hope that this can change, women come together and support each other would totally change the path of this journey that we are taking to insert more women in eSports.

Cinderellas Esports vence o Valkirias, torneio feminino de PUBG MOBILE
PUBG MOBILE Brazil prepared a special Women's Day video with the streamers and creators who are transforming the scene / Reproduction

How was the experience of participating and winning the Valkirias tournament, a female PUBG MOBILE competition?

Aysha: It was the result of something that we are looking for every day, it was an incredible experience to see everyone's performance throughout the competition and within the matches.

Lust: It was a unique opportunity, the girls trained a lot to win Valkirias.

Diane: It was a very good experience, I was very tense, but with a lot of training and help from Cher, our coach, I managed to be more calm. The feeling of winning is very good, it makes everything worthwhile.

Gatenha: It was rewarding, a lot of training and dedication from beginning to end.

Maju: I believe that Valkirias was a unique opportunity that we hope we have more times to represent the project Cinderellas and inspire women.

How was your trajectory until you were where you are? (What you had to face, overcome, the conquests, influence, inspiration, what motivated you ... summary of your life and career).

Aysha: In the beginning, while at school I started playing for fun, with friends, the games online I was always pleased and were part of my time spent, and because I was young and didn't have many tasks beyond school, I took games for a while as entertainment and a way to pass the time, but with that I started to see that I could and wanted to take that as a career, and it was very difficult to have my parents accept and convince them to let me play. But my dream of growing up and becoming a professional and well-known player inside and outside the field, was what inspired me in the beginning and inspires to this day to improve and seek to evolve.

Lust: I played for several hours a day, so I always ended up getting involved with the community and creating a circle of friendship inside and outside the game, after some time I started to have an interest in playing competitive, so I saw that the possibility existed and I decided to take this as my career, it wasn’t easy and I haven’t achieved everything I want yet, but my dream is to live on what I love most, PUBG MOBILE, whether it's competitive playing or as a content creator.

Diane: I always played casual with my friends, had a lot of fun with them, and always thought of taking the game only as a hobby, however, when I received the opportunity to join my first team that was inserted in the competitive environment, I really enjoyed the experience and the feeling to be participating in championships and events related to the game that I always liked, and so I decided it was what I wanted.

Gatenha: I played for fun, then I started playing competitively and saw that this is what I wanted for me, my parents never supported me in the gamer and now they are supporting me and that is everything for me.

Maju: I have always loved to play, but my focus has always been on my studies, with the dream of passing medicine. The pandemic started in my last year of high school, that discouraged me too much in relation to entrance exams and exams. I decided to go back to playing more focused, as I was always at home and had more free time. My focus is now divided between the game and my entrance exams, still improving the question of my schedules to dedicate the morning to studies and the rest of the day to the game.

What are the biggest challenges you face or have faced when playing online?

Aysha: The challenges of growing within the competitive. It is not easy for you to be cited as one of the best, it requires a lot of dedication and willpower on a daily basis.

Lust: To evolve is the most difficult thing and it needs more time and effort, you have to be prepared for good and bad days and with that you will always want to improve.

Diane: My biggest challenge is to deal with negative comments, as I am a person who cares a lot about what others say, but this is trying to fix it with time.

Gatenha: My biggest challenge is to evolve as player, but nothing that dedication and a lot of training doesn't help, I'm training every day for that.

Maju: I believe that my biggest challenge has been the psychological, which is something that I have been trying to improve every day. The game, in addition to training and skill, involves a lot of things, like the mentality and the way you deal with the pressure in the game.

In your point of view, what are the ways to have a gamer universe and not only this area, but all social spheres in which women can have their honest and democratic inclusion?

Aysha: We must leave the rivalry aside, we can be on opposite sides in the matches, but outside we must come together and be strong to show our potential together as women.

Lust: Understand that we are companions and not enemies, seek equality inside and outside the game.

Diane: Start supporting others, stop having rivalry for no reason.

Gatenha: Leaving rivalry aside, no one is better than anyone.

Maju: From the union of women with support from the community to seek more equality, not only in the game but also outside it.

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In your view, is it interesting that companies promote events that encourage the participation of women in spaces where men are the majority? Because?

Aysha: Yes, because there are many women with potential, but sometimes due to lack of opportunities, they leave their dreams aside and do not dedicate themselves.

Lust: Yes, most women in the competitive world are not supported by having an organization that offers them Coach, Manager, etc. And events like Valkirias, which are events of great proportions and are supported not only by the community but by the game company, are extremely important, making organizations interested in investing in the scenario, and in us players.

Diane: Yes, because that way many women will have the opportunity to show their potential and start to have recognition.

Gatenha: Yes, there are many women who give a lot of bullets but they do not have support from any organization, that would be very good for the female scenario, more visibility and support.

Maju: Yea! This would help women to show that they also have full ability to play in this mixed scenario.

How do you analyze the world of gamers today?

Aysha: Championships and events broadcast over the internet in this pandemic, were the differential for new sponsors and thousands of people to get to know and be more interested in games and electronic sports, so with that the gamer world has evolved a lot in this period.

Lust: I see that it will grow much more, many people will be able to work with what they love, that is, the games.

Diane: I believe that in the last few years, the gamer world has evolved a lot, many new teams entering the scene, but I still think there is a lot to grow.

Gatenha: The world of gamers has grown by leaps and bounds. Many organizations and clubs that were not part of the scene before are recognizing the potential of games and investing for their growth and recognition.

Maju: I see the world of gamers as having a bright future. The visibility has grown absurdly and very fast, so the prizes for championships and investments in teams and players have increased a lot.

What do you expect for the future in the post-pandemic gamers universe?

Aysha: I hope there will be more events linked not only to the game we work with, but to all other games, and also that the prizes in the championships are as good as those in the event. Valkirias, both online and in-person events.

Lust: Face-to-face championships, both mixed and female.

Diane: Let me have face-to-face championships again, because it must be a very good experience.

Gatenha: I hope it will continue to grow and that several new doors will open for the female scene.

Maju: I expect more face-to-face championships, something that would be very cool and would bring a media even from other countries to the Brazilian scenario of eSports.

What would you say to someone who, like you, wants to continue in the gamer universe?

Aysha: It won't be easy in the beginning, there will always be people wanting to judge you or make you discouraged, but we shouldn't bow our heads to something we dream of.

Lust: Do not give up, fight for your dreams, perseverance is the basis of everything.

Diane: I know it is very demotivating when they refuse to participate in a training session, join a team, etc. However, do not let it shake you, keep training to prove to yourself that you have the capacity.

Gatenha: Focus, dedication and patience, it will not be easy but nothing that is not impossible.

Maju: Have dedication and persistence, keep your goals in mind and dedicate yourself and focus to achieve.

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What motivates you most to continue in this universe?

Aysha: My mother, because from the beginning she did not support me, she was always judging me for wanting to grow in the gamer world, but after she saw that I managed to win my space, she started to support me and today I just want to give her more pride and also fulfill dreams I've always dreamed of.

Lust: I love play PUBG MOBILE, I really like the world of video games, I want to show my family and myself that everything is possible if you fight to achieve something, I hope to get very far, I still have goals within the game to fulfill.

Diane: My family, who always motivates me, watches my camps, and supports me, but mainly my mother, who always tries to find a way to not harm me in relation to the game, she is the best of all.

Gatenha: Nobody in my family ever supported me in the gaming world, especially my father, but then he saw that it was what I really wanted for me and they started to support me.

Maju: I believe that due to the fact that I love the game so much and also because it gives pride to the people who support me, especially my family. Besides I still have many goals to achieve.

* Full interview.

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