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Brazilian Cinema: Years 2010, 10 Looks

Brazilian Cinema: Years 2010, 10 looks is a free festival, which takes place between April 22nd and 30th, through the website www.10olhares.com and rescues some of the main national productions of the last decade. With a total of 75 national films, 43 of which are feature lengths, 28 shorts and 10 debates, available on the Belas Artes à la carte platform, a partner of the event, which is produced by CUP FILMES.

Redeeming part of the national filmography of the last decade, the festival also has recorded debates between the curators and curators of each segment and two specialists in the themes, to discuss the works and the concept that each curator wanted to bring to review the decade.

Cinema Brasileiro: Anos 2010, 10 Olhares 1
That Love That Consumes Us | Long participant of the Festival Brasileiro Brasileiro: Anos 2010, 10 Olhares | disclosure

Eduardo Valente was the curator who conceived the show that reflects on the lines of force present in national production over the past ten years, thus allowing also to look to the future.

The exhibition is divided into thematic axes with 10 curators and curators, each proposing a different cut and their own look.

“They and they were totally free to propose titles and ways to bring films together, but at the same time we got together to exchange ideas about what these views, as a whole, could project on national production in the last decade”, adds Valente.

Brazilian Cinema: Years 2010, 10 looks, seeks to draw a panel of a country in transformation, not always for the better.

For more information and programming Click here.


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