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Climax Game, the deconstruction of inequality

CEO Maisa Miranda explained how the business works, how it can empower people and couples, without prejudice and barriers, and spoke about female entrepreneurship.


the businesswoman Morea Miranda, CEO and creator of Climax Game, designed to deconstruct and teach about sexuality education and sexuality through challenges, spoke about how his business works, how it can change people's perceptions and about female entrepreneurship.

At the age of 27, Maisa, who is also a partner in another franchise business and has a degree in Foreign Trade, said that her professional and personal experiences, so far, were fundamental. “I'm an idealist, I like new projects and getting to it was almost natural. My perception of the world changed when I lived outside Brazil. I met different cultures and temperaments, saw how sex, the main part of the game, was treated and how it emerged in conversations at parties or bars. It was from this that I understood that the Climax, at some point, would be a reality”, he says.

But getting here, as Maisa commented, was difficult and involved setting priorities. “I worked for many years with Foreign Trade. I decided to drop everything, stability and the certainty of having a salary at the end of the month, when I couldn't stop thinking about how people would react playing Climax. I learned from many entrepreneurs, from different fields, that at some point I would have to make a choice. And that's why I decided to give full attention to the project”, reveals the entrepreneur.

The deconstruction of inequality

She said that the creation of the Climax Game took place on a daily basis. “In my cycle of friends and family I noticed that there was a lot of lack of knowledge about education and that made me worried. That's why I created the game, which caters to a diversity of audiences, so people can learn more about the topic, without prejudice, judgment and barriers. If you are of legal age, between 25 and 35 years old, without information on the subject, what will happen to the generations that are coming and people who do not have access to information?”, he explains.

Also aimed at couples and singles, Clímax aims to expand the clarification about sex and sexuality, promoting harmony and respect with all audience profiles. "The main objective of the game is to create an environment without protocols, where people challenge, get to know each other and talk about themselves, but with nothing that is invasive, but with diversity, where people will put themselves in deconstruction and gain information" , shows Maisa.

female entrepreneurship

Finally, Maisa commented on being a woman and looking for her space in entrepreneurship, which is still very involved in machismo. “It is very difficult for women to undertake, despite everything moving towards a better moment. We have a little more freedom and some autonomy, but there is still a very obvious discrepancy, especially in the business world, where something we talk about still needs a male seal for validation," he concluded.

Climax Game

It was created to bring together people willing to deconstruction, teachings, with many challenges. Based on the principle of freedom, no participant is required to perform the hottest challenges, however light penalties (or not) may apply.

In a non-judgmental environment, the game's dynamics contain personal questions, general knowledge aimed at sex education or sexuality and very peculiar challenges.



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