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Clip from “The Hostess”

a hospedeira

New clip from the film “A Hospedeira”

**Updated! Added a newer clip. **

The adaptation of the book: The Hostess (The Host) by Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight, won a new video and a Featurette, entitled "Escolha Amar".

Check out the Clip:

Another clip, released on 03/15:


And the Featurette:

After the success of Twilight, the author Stephenie Meyer decided to bet on a more adult novel, thus launching A Hospedeira, which, like its previous saga, quickly entered the bestseller list, with over 360 thousand copies sold.

Will the film also be as successful as the old saga was?

The Hostess tells the story of Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) and Jared (Max Irons), which were made for each other. This would be another love story, if it weren't for a detail: we are in the future, and humanity is almost extinct. The Earth was invaded by aliens who control the minds and bodies of humans. Melanie and Jared are the last humans to struggle to survive. Until Melanie is captured by Search (Diane Kruger), which will use Melanie's memories to locate the humans' hideout. In order not to reveal the hiding place Melanie occupies her mind with visions of the man she loves, diverting the attention of Seeker, who, unable to separate herself from her body's desires, begins to feel intensely attracted to Jared.

The Hostess, based on Stephenie Meyer's bestseller, opens on March 29, 2013, with direction and adaptation by Andrew Niccol (The Price of Tomorrow and The Lord of Arms).

Do you believe in the success of the film?

Have you read the book? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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