Press Conference | Host and judges talk about The Cut, HBO Max's new reality show

A fierce competition in which 12 participants will have to overcome themselves to prove who is the best hairstylist in Brazil


The HBO Max announced last Tuesday (16) the new Brazilian reality show “The Cut”, which debuts on November 25th exclusively on the streaming platform. The production Max Originals it will have eight episodes and will accompany 12 participants in the dispute for the title of best hairstylist in the country. Following the same dynamics as other programs like MasterChef Brazil or The Voice, we will have tests, teams and a very sharp dispute.

Last Thursday, November 11, 2021, HBO Max held an online press conference, in which we were invited to participate and the presenter, Alessandra Ambrose and the jurors Daniel Hernandez, Marcos Proença, Monica Salgado and Zica Assisi, answered a few questions about the production of the program. Check out!


The judges are Zica Assis, Marcos Proença, Monica Salgado and Daniel Hernandez / Reproduction HBO Max

In each episode, competitors will excel in exciting tests, whether individual or groups, and will have to show that they have mastered all the techniques of cuts, hairstyles and coloring, in addition to challenging themselves at each test. The big winner takes home a prize of 200 thousand reais. And to give the production a boost, the team of judges is a well-prepared group and the competitors should be prepared, because Daniel Hernandez, Marcos Proença, Monica Salgado and Zica Assisi are not for fun.

First of all, we had the opportunity to watch the entire season with episodes that last around 45 to 48 minutes and just like any competition, the nerves are on edge and it's not just those who participate in the attraction. Something very interesting and positive is that the viewer is able to create a connection with the participants, as we see that they are professionals in the field of beauty, but that they are not mere competitors. These are people who have a trajectory, a life story. It is an intense and fervent dynamic, in addition to being marked by situations that need to be reflected and debated in society.

For being an original format, all unfolded, The Cut is a surprise for everyone, right?! Obviously, there was a selection of casting not only talents, but also, obviously, the participants, very charismatic, very interesting people, a very diverse casting, with very different life stories. (…) It made the program more interesting. – Monica Salgado

As mentioned before, there are 12 participants and the selection of the program was very intelligent and empathetic, bringing people of different profiles, including gender, age, origin and different activities in the market, such as trans professional Melissa, Simone, person with a disability, Jana , a black woman who worked hard to be a great professional in the area or even Sylvio, a gay and mature man (a little older than the others), in addition to other profiles.

Like any reality show, it's not just about techniques, it's a journey based on learning. Many episodes were emotional. Some even provoke tears like the transformation of a client at the hands of Saulo or an apotheotic hairstyle made by Melissa. Many are cute and convey a claw, an unusual dedication like the gentle Simone and the talented Alex. However, some participants took full advantage and it was all or nothing like the petulant Bruna or the pedantic Caio. Two professionals who can divide opinions between critics and the public. 

I am super bossy, a born leader. If I'm not the leader, the person has to put me in my place. But if I have to be the leader, I will love it. – Bruna

Bruna's way can generate a little inconvenience - she could be compared to Karol Conka, but a soft version -, at all times she wants to impose herself as the best leader and wants to show service and that's ok, because it's a competition and they are there to win. However, I believe that a little parsimony, kindness, respect and education are not needed by anyone. The same thing is Caio, now he showed himself to be a professional who knows what he does and performs very well what he promised to deliver. But at other times, total out of the box. Again, if you are going to win, playing fair is the best way out. It's like in life. Despite these slips, Bruna starred in a beautiful moment that thrills those who watch.

Overall, the participants are nice and with their life stories touch the viewer deeply and this is something that enriches the attraction, as it is not just about the cut, hairstyle and coloring, but about human journeys. 

I think it's for everyone to prepare for a lot of emotion. – Daniel Hernandez

The role played by the judges is very similar to that of other programs, they talk about the demands that need to be delivered, during the tests they pass by the benches, talk, question, tug the ears of the participants, but in the end they are not the ones who approve or disapprove of the work done and yes the client. The unusual dynamics makes the program have an originality in relation to other formats. 

The dispute always takes place in three tests. The first takes place in the Shiny Hall, where the group tests take place and the challenge here is not the time, but the lack of mirrors. At the end of the test, the client gives a score from 0 to 10 and the losing team goes to the Dark Hall, where they work individually in the hairstyle test. The worst-performing hairdressers face off in Final Cut, the dreaded elimination duel, a cut test that takes just a few minutes.

Unlike other formats, the judges are not thick and arrogant, they can be a little demanding, but they know how to recognize the work of each participant. The presenter was an unusual choice, but Alessandra surprised her with her charismatic way. Also, she didn't take on an insolent posture like other presenters who do in their performances. As the episodes go by, we can see her evolution, in the first one she is more measured, but she lets go and is an amazing performance. Good choice. Another point about her are the looks… each one more beautiful than the other. 

I had never presented anything before. – Alessanda Ambrose

During the press conference, Alessandra commented that it was a surprise to have received the invitation to present the new HBO Max attraction. She still says that she loved the idea and as it had been a long time since she had worked on Brazilian soil, the experience was very good. Another detail that she emphasizes is that it is not a reality show only for professionals in the area of beauty, because the diversity of people and their respective journeys in life makes it move with anyone who is seeing the attraction.

Monica Salgado, journalist and judge commented that after the completion of the recordings, she questioned herself about the decisions taken, but she stressed that everything that was decided was well analyzed and done with great responsibility, after all, they were dealing with the future of each participant. Zica Assis, co-founder of Natural Beauty Institute, spoke of the difficulty of making choices in the most complex moments. In addition, Assis spoke of the interaction between the judges and the presenter who were always supporting each other and very united.

The human part, I think for us was the most exciting. – Daniel Hernandez

Other great judges who attended and contributed a lot to their respective journeys and careers were makeup artist Daniel Hernandez and hairstylist Marcos Proença, who commented on the performance and performance of the participants. They emphasized that deciding between one participant or another was a challenge, as the technical quality of each competitor was of a high level and the tests designed by the program also had a very significant complexity, such as the trends addressed in the tests, which is something super relevant for a professional of hair.

If the cut there will be a second season, we don't know. But it has potential and room for a sequel. With Alessandra in charge, with the tips and experiences of the judges and very interesting participants, we can see that anyone can get emotional when watching the 08 episodes. The new streaming attraction guarantees exciting stories, good laughs and hairy skirmishes.



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