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Press Conference | Cast and director talk about the feature O Novelo

A feature that escapes clichés to talk about black men while reflecting its complexities


In November, a very important date is celebrated, the Black Consciousness on the 20th. Much is said about accepting and respecting others, and it is the right thing to do. But being black goes beyond respect and acceptance. We need to talk about other issues that affect not only black people, but black men. The feature premieres today the skein, a feature that touches deeply, is spontaneous and beautiful, as it talks to the public as equals. It's hard to see films that deal sensitively with the topics covered here in the skein.

the skein presents his narrative by an event in a family of five brothers (and a possible meeting with the father who abandoned them). Each one in their universe shows us a social problem that needs to be debated, with their dramas and their experiences, choices and particularities, but which are united by the memories of knitting, learned in childhood, with the objective of “recovering the value of the family and of the brotherhood."

Actors learned to knit to play their roles / Reproduction

The narrative is dominated by male characters. Besides the mother (played by Isabel Zuaa, in a cameo), the other women in the film are a girlfriend and an ex-wife, both undeveloped and without their own narratives. Also script writer, Nanna de Castro he said he sought to question stereotypes linked to masculinity, addressing issues ranging from fatherhood to sexual orientation. 

Last Monday, 22nd, we participated in the virtual press conference and were able to talk with the cast and the director of the feature. The actors who participate in the film are Nando Cunha, Rocco Pitanga, Sergio Menezes, Rogerio Brito and Sidney Santiago Kwanza and the Claudia Pinheiro responsible for the direction. Check out!

The director Claudia during the press conference commented on the feelings that it is more common for women to express, but that men also feel, but they do not allow themselves to be expressed due to the view that men cannot cry, the so-called toxic masculinity.

 I think men are just created not to be fragile and delicate. But I think deep down. In the background. Feelings are close, similar. – Cláudia Pinheiro.

the skein aborda questões muito atuais como masculinidade tóxica, ausência parental e até mesmo a pressão da sociedade sobre a sexualidade do homem. Assistindo ao longa vemos que um dos irmãos é gay, mas esconde a sua orientação sexual e um outro não é, mas por ser sensível é visto como alguém da comunidade LGBT. Além disso, o longa é majoritariamente composto por atores negros e essa representatividade é muito importante porque o ator negro é mais que um ator negro, é um ator comum que pode interpretar qualquer papel e o fato de vermos atores negros num filme dirigido e escrito por mulheres abordando temas tão relevantes e atuais é uma prova de que o audiovisual tem avançado para melhor.

Cast formed by black actors / Reproduction

Actor Nando Cunha talks about the importance of a black cast and even more in cinema. For him it is important to see black bodies living in a sensitive way, in a humanized way.

O longa é uma adaptação da peça homônima de Nanna de Castro, encenada em 2009, era formado por homens brancos. Mas ao conhecer Nando Cunha em Gramado, a diretora e os produtores decidiram oferecer a ele o papel de Mauro, o mais velho dos irmãos. A partir da escalação do ator, a família no centro da narrativa passou a ser negra e formada, no núcleo adulto, pelos demais atores mencionados anteriormente.

O filme quando o elenco se torna negro… A gente precisa fazer esse recorte nesse país tão racista. Que historicamente sempre nos colocou nessa masculinidade negra brutalizados, animalizados (…) Uma masculinidade branca é completamente diferente da masculinidade negra. Isso a gente precisa entender. – Nando Cunha

The film counts on the production of Luciano Reck and Diego Freitas from Parakino Studio, arriving at selected platforms and cinemas on November 25th. The production received two important awards at the 49th Gramado Film Festival: Best Actor for Nando Cunha and Best Film by Public Choice. The feature also received an honorable mention for the performance of Isabel Zuaa and the juvenile cast.



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