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Jessica Jones Press Conference- CCXP 2015

Coletiva de Imprensa Krysten Ritter e David Tennant
Original Netflix series press conference, Jessica Jones. (Photo: Henrique Manreza)

The Netflix basically dominated the second edition of Comic Con Experience. One of the most notable attractions that the company brought was the panel with the actors Krysten Ritter and David Tennant, in Jessica Jones, original of the streaming service.

Before the panel there was a very cool press conference with the actors, check out some of the best moments:

Krysten Ritter, right from the start, said she was surprised by the affection of the Brazilian public, ”It was incredible. When the series opened, I received several messages and tweets saying 'Brazil loves Jessica Jones' or something ”.

David Tennant was also surprised, “I had no idea. I don't use social networks. I took a long flight at dawn and arrived very tired. And there was a horde of people at the airport. I was taken by surprise and felt very loved ”said the Actor, who certainly did not know about the legions of Doctor Who fans who follow his work in Brazil.

Ritter and Tennant were very friendly and playful, especially when the actor questioned why the CCXP symbol was a magic cube. When one of the organizers replied that it was a striking symbol of pop culture, Tennant replied: “But it was from the 80's”.

The course was where it really matters, the series. Tennant confided his concern when playing a Marvel character “It's great that it worked, especially since we're a sister series to the others. And the predecessor, Daredevil, was so good that we kept thinking: 'we can't break the sequence'. We are series number two out of four scheduled, it would be horrible to be one that people didn't like ”, he said.

Anyone who is a fan of David knows that this was another role that he dreamed of playing, on this subject, he said: “I grew up with Marvel comics and loved it. Not that I would say no to DC if they contact me, but I was very excited when I was contacted by Marvel. I didn't know these comics, but it was an opportunity to work with Marvel, which is one of the most successful brands. And with Netflix, which is another of the biggest brands in the world. It already felt like something I couldn't resist. Then I read the script. You always know when the story is good, which is when you run to the end of the text and don't decide to have a cup of tea ”.

David Tennant Brasil
David Tennant at the Original Netflix Series Press Conference, Jessica Jones. (Photo: Henrique Manreza)

Jessica Jones it also speaks of serious issues in today's society. Of this, Krysten spoke: “I have always seen the series as a story of redemption and survival. Jessica has many traumas in her life, but she doesn't necessarily let that define her. She is able to get up and move on, and I think people can relate to that ”.

Krysten Ritter Brasil
Krysten Ritter at the Netflix Original Series Press Conference, Jessica Jones. (Photo: Henrique Manreza)

Asked by a journalist what the actors would do if they had Kilgrave's power for a day, they replied: Tennant- “It's a complicated question. Well, I would go to North Korea and work it out. Then I would go to Syria to solve everything. Can I do that in one day? I would need a jet, but I would get it easy. I would do all that and set aside a few hours to get some things for free. Ritter- “I would do exactly the same thing. I would do some great and good things around the world and then do some fabulous shopping.

See our impressions about Jessica Jones on here.



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