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Along with renowned chefs, Sandy will lead the production that debuts on November 11 on HBO Max


I love cooking but I have little practice. It's rare for me to go to the kitchen and when I go, it's with great pleasure, but I'm a bit clumsy. I don't know how to cut things right, I know almost nothing. On the show, you'll see that I was really goofy at times. But I learned a lot and I want to learn more. – Sandy

This Thursday, November 11th, it will arrive on the streaming platform HBO Max the program 'Sandy + Chef', where the singer Sandy challenges herself in another universe, the cuisine. Learning different techniques and dishes worthy of being tasted in the most famous restaurants, the singer makes special dishes with the support of renowned chefs and everything from a distance. For those who don't know, there is a version in the gringa commanded by Selena Gomez. The program was so successful that the company brought it to Brazil and Sandy was one of the names thought for the attraction. Last Thursday, October 28, 2021, HBO Max held an online press conference, which we were invited to participate in, and Sandy answered a few questions about the show's production and relationship with the kitchen. Check out!

First of all, we had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes which are very short and the dynamics are very calm. She recorded at home and was taught from a distance. If you've already watched the version with Selena Gomez, you'll see that it's not that different, as both are funny in the kitchen and surprise with the dishes they make. Something very positive about the program is getting to know this other side that we don't always have access to, and not just the artist, but we also know a little more about the family nucleus in which they are inserted and we started to see them more as ordinary people than just the wonderful singers that they are.

The chefs selected for the challenge are Paola Carosella, Murakami, Lili Almeida, Thiago Castanho, Renata Vanzetto and João Diamante / Reproduction HBO Max

The production has 06 episodes that last around 25 to 30 minutes and we have the opportunity to learn, like Sandy, a different dish with a renowned chef like Paola Carosella it's the Tsuyoshi Murakami. Junior's sister said she doesn't know much and is a bit clumsy. She commented that during the pandemic, she was already thinking about going to the kitchen more to learn how to cook better, even the blonde reveals that she even thought about taking a course in bread. In addition, she commented that she watches cooking shows to learn and also because she likes things like that.

I cooked some dishes that I never imagined doing. And this was only possible with the help of renowned chefs. Thank you so much for your patience with the culinary newbie! – Sandy.

Curious as it may seem, her little skill with the kitchen was precisely the reason she was asked to lead the production and a challenge for her, who is debuting in something completely new in her career: being a presenter on a cooking show. Also at the press conference, Sandy commented that before becoming a mother, she used to go to the kitchen more often and one of her specialties was and remains the grilled rice. She reinforced that she made cakes and desserts. However, with motherhood and other commitments, work and career, she has been going to the kitchen less and less and when she goes it is to make something quick for dinner.

Sandy poses with Lucas Lima, Junior and Monica Benini / HBO Max reproduction

One of the main difficulties she faced was the distance, as due to the pandemic, everything was done online, she from home and the chef from his house, and this is a complicated process, as sometimes even to observe a cut or a specific procedure in the carrying out the dish gets complicated. The fact is that there is no job happier than cooking and it is even better when we are in the company of dear family members. In the program, Sandy cooks with the company and with the help of some family members such as her parents, her husband and her great companion on a musical and life journey, her brother Júnior and in one of the episodes we can watch them together. It's like going back to childhood.

The famous one reported that she cut herself lightly and that she was also burned in one of the episodes. Despite this, Sandy said he learned a lot. Something interesting that she comments that she is a bit clumsy in the kitchen, but that she still goes to the kitchen with pleasure and whenever she manages to get compliments from whoever eats her dishes. Something she had difficulty with was making the sashimi she learned from the chef Tsuyoshi Murakami, specialist in Japanese food.

It was difficult to curl up and make that little flower for the presentation, very beautiful. Filling the fish was quite challenging because I never came close to such a thing. – Sandy

However, it wasn't just Sandy to go through trouble. As the artist is intolerant of garlic, a very popular ingredient to compose recipes, the chefs suffered a bit to replace the plant. The singer also highlighted that you can make good and tasty food without the inclusion of onion and garlic and she added that to replace it, you can use leaves and herbs as substitutes when seasoning any dish.

The aspiring cook was asked about the original format presented by Selena Gomez, Sandy said that she didn't seek to be too inspired, but that she sees some similarities. She also pointed out that Selena has another rhythm, is calm, but that both are compatible in cooking skills. 

Selena Gomez commands the American version Selena + Chef/Reproduction HBO Max

The first episode started well and with a very special guest, Paola Carosella, one of the most sought after chefs in Brazil. During the press conference, Sandy said that the boss was one of her choices and that she was very happy when she learned that the production was also interested in the boss's participation. In addition, the singer stated that she had high expectations for this meeting and was very nervous.

The chef taught Sandy how to make pasta and a dessert, a mango crumble. According to the artist, it was the only recipe she was able to make without any difficulty, as she had already made it on another occasion. In the recordings of the first episode, both faced technical difficulties due to instability in the internet connection. During this time, the dough began to dry and soon Sandy tried to recover the dough so that he didn't have to redo everything from scratch. In the end, everything worked out and the recipe is to make your mouth water.

I was a little nervous about being guided by her, but she was wonderful. – Sandy

Paola Carosella participates in 'Sandy + Chef' / Reproduction HBO Max

As disclosed by HBO Max and as the original format follows, in all episodes, Sandy welcomes family members to help with the preparations and try the dishes. Among the guests are husband Lucas Lima, brother Júnior Lima and sister-in-law Monica Benini and parents Xororó and Noely. The singer commented that the process was more easy and fun.

Something that improved after her participation in the program was the possibility to taste foods that Sandy turned her nose to. She detailed that a list with foods that she did not consume was passed to the production and the chefs managed to adapt to the blonde's peculiar taste. 

I had to go through a list of what I don't eat. Even so, I ended up trying some things because when it's prepared by an experienced chef, he knows how to harmonize in such a wonderful way that even what we don't like, we can eat and enjoy. I allowed myself to experiment. – Sandy

Whether it's going to have a second season, we don't know. But it has the potential and scope for a sequel. With Sandy in charge, we can see that anyone can challenge themselves more often in the kitchen, remembering that the important thing is to always try. As the singer commented, everything is art and there is nothing as delicious as making a meal for the family. For lovers of the format, the gringo version “Selena + Chef”, which debuted during the pandemic showing Selena Gomez exploring the kitchen, is already in its 3rd season.



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